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Travel Tips for the Holidays

travel 2With the holiday season around the corner, you may be one of the many who are rushing to catch a flight, ferry or train home for the holidays or for a quick vacation. We’ve created a few rules and solid routine to help you out this season. Believe us; you won’t want to leave home without these.

Know the difference between flights

Know the difference between direct and non-stop flights, and when possibly opt for the latter. Direct flights can touch down at other airports on the way to their ultimate destination. Non-stop means no stopping until you get to your destination. Direct flights are often cheaper than non-stop, but if you get impatient on flights and don’t want any delays, opt for non-stop.

Plan in advance

If you know your travel details well in advance, start packing days before you leave. Don’t leave your packing to the day before your trip. Check the weather forecast for wherever you’re traveling to, and pack accordingly. Toss a lightweight jacket or cashmere scarf into your luggage, just in case the weather changes. Planning what you’re going to pack well in advance means putting aside things you know you want to take, and sending pieces to the dry cleaners or taking care of laundry well in advance. Tip: when squeezing everything into your carry-on, roll rather than fold your clothes, it’s a better use of space.

Expedite your airport experience

Sign up for flight notifications which will alert you if your flight is delayed, canceled or the gate changes. Most airlines allow you to check in and print your boarding pass. If you aren’t checking bags, you can go straight to security. If you do have bags there’s usually a bag drop with a shorter line. If you lose or misplace your boarding pass, don’t stress, you can reprint another one at the airport.

travel 3Don’t leave home with your products

Don’t leave home without must-have beauty products. On top of your makeup, pack products that are great for waking up your complexion after a long flight. If you’re going on a business trip this is particularly important as you want to appear energized and awake.

Don’t over pack

Allow yourself enough time to realistically wrap your head around what you’ll truly need for your trip. Pack some noise-canceling headphones, a neck pillow, and a travel size kit of your favorite products – but refrain from packing books or work that you’ll never actually look at.

These shoes are made for walking

Always pack a comfortable walking shoe, a fancier shoe for dinner, and running or athletic shoes if you plan on working out. If you find that you always pack running shoes because you’re optimistic that you’ll get a workout in, but never do, skip the athletic shoes.

Carry on when possible

Carry your bags on the plane whenever possible. If it’s not possible, make sure you have a carry-on with your essentials in the dreaded case that your stuff gets lost or doesn’t show up on time.

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