July, 2020

Things you should know before Hiring A Wedding planner

wedding 2“Planning a wedding is difficult, especially with family and work obligations, be sure that the person you hire is in tune with what you want and is able to deliver with a smile”

Your wedding is something you have envisioned since childhood and now the day has finally come when you have found the perfect person.  The next step is to find the perfect Wedding Planner.  Wedding planning is becoming very popular in the South Asian community, as couples and families want to enjoy the big day instead of fret over timelines, deal with vendors, and troubleshoot unexpected issues. Finding someone to manage the planning portion along with the actual day is a crucial decision couples have to make.

There are five important things you should know before taking the plunge with your wedding planner:

Ensure the planner has experience.  You want to know that the person you hire has managed weddings similar to yours. You should be confident in their ability to coordinate numerous vendors along with the venue and your family.  They need to be able to work well with everyone to pull off the perfect wedding.  A good question to ask is to describe a time something bad happened at the wedding and what they did to fix the situation and how it worked out.  This will give you a sense of how well the planner works under pressure. Do not make the mistake of judging the planner according to their rates. Just because one is charging more than the other doesn’t make them the better planner.  The best way to find out about a planner is to book a consultation, talk to their previous clients, and if possible speak to vendors who work closely with them.

Ask the planner how they will communicate with you during the planning process. Depending on the package you purchase, communication may differ.  Ensure that you ask the following questions to avoid any surprises.  1. What is the turnaround time for emails during the busy wedding season and during the off season?  2.  Are face to face meetings included in the package or is it via electronic means?  3.  Ask if a “Site Visit” is included in all the packages 4. Is there unlimited access to the planner (via electronic means) or is it limited based on the package purchased?

Thirdly, a very important item to ask your planner is if they take “Kickbacks” or “Commission” from their preferred vendors; many wedding planners take commission from their “preferred vendors”.  The conflict of interest here is obvious as this skews the “preferred vendor list” since your planner may  recommend those who pay a commission instead of who would be the perfect fit for your wedding or for you as a couple.

Be sure to ask your potential planner if they are the person that will be at your wedding/reception.  Sometimes, due to double bookings, they may be sending someone else on the actual day of the event.  You want someone who will be with you throughout the process including the actual day.  You will develop a relationship with the planner and become comfortable with them, this is key when it comes to being stress free at your wedding. The same person that has helped you plan your wedding should be there with you on your wedding day. This will ease a lot of stress for you.

When meeting your planner getting a good vibe from them is important.  You are going to be spending lots of time with this person and need to ensure that you are both not just comfortable with each other, but you are going to enjoy each other’s company.  Planning a wedding is difficult, especially with family and work obligations, be sure that the person you hire is in tune with what you want and is able to deliver with a smile. Moreover, the perfect planner moulds well with the family and creates a pleasant environment.  This is the biggest day of your life, and perhaps the largest event you will plan; make sure you have the right person in your corner to ensure a flawless and fabulous wedding.

Harprit Patel
Senior Wedding Planner
Always & Forever Weddings

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