August, 2020

The most popular South Asian website in Canada:; most read stories of 2016












THE Indo-Canadian Voice’s website is the most popular South Asian website in Canada because of its reliability, the quality of its content and its swift response to news that matters.

Indeed, it attracts a lot of mainstream readership as views on our stories, especially those on crime, indicate. (You can check claims made by websites at which gives you the world ranking based on a three-month average and a Canada ranking based on a monthly average). You can visit the website for breaking news and updated stories at any time.

Some of the most viewed stories that weren’t specifically for South Asians on our website in 2016 (and these included stories that were posted back in 2014 and 2015) were:

* Canada Pension Plan and Old Age Security benefit amounts effective January 1, 2016

* Chief of the Defence Staff Jonathan Vance: “Our men and women will continue to proudly wear their uniforms in public”

* Why did an 856 gang member allegedly end up killing a Hells Angel when the two groups cooperate with one another?

* 130 to 180 gangs in B.C.: Who are the most powerful? Who are the most dangerous? (This story posted in 2014, keeps getting views EVERY DAY!)

* B.C. GANGS SCENE: Hells Angels high profile member Larry Amero’s release on bail could trigger off trouble (This story posted in July 2015 also keeps getting views every day!)

* It’s still Dhak-Duhre group and United Nations gang versus ‘Wolf Pack’ of some Hells Angels with Independent Soldiers and Red Scorpions (This story posted in June 2015 is another that gets views every day)

* No sympathy for Jujhar Khun-Khun and other prisoners on hunger strike at Surrey Pre-Trial Centre       (This story posted in October 2015 is yet another crime story that gets views every day)

* 2016: Gang members will continue changing allegiances; significant trials; two main groups will continue to battle it out

Just explore the website on your own to see the wide range of stories that are put up every day.

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