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 Taking over the world

 Taking over the world

Social media sensations Harjit Bhandal and Jaz Saini of the hit YouTwoTV channel have officially taken home the “Fan Fave Much Creator” award at the 2017 iHeartRadio MMVAs.

YouTwoTV was created out of Jaz and Harjit’s passion for producing unique content and making people laugh. Since its official launch on February 8, 2016, the channel has garnered over 120 million views and 550,000 subscribers from all around the world building consistent viewership in India, Canada, the U.S., and the U.K. . YouTwoTV provides weekly that touches on everything from relationships and education to work-related comedy.

In conjunction with YouTwoTV, Harjit and Jaz also produce videos for their other channel YouTwoVlogs where viewers have a chance to get to follow their day to day lives and get to know the real duo as they freely express their opinions, likes and dislikes.

The Brampton born and raised pair have also become in-demand brand ambassadors and have partnered with major companies on several campaigns including Google Canada, Subway Canada, McDonald’s Canada, Bell Canada and Nestle Canada, among others. Most recently, Harjit and Jaz were recognized by the City of Brampton with the Citizens Awards Arts Acclaim Award.

Harjit Bhandal was born and raised in Brampton, Ontario and is a graduate of Harold Brathwaite Secondary School. With no post-secondary education, he used his love for film to start his own production company and shot everything from short films to weddings. When he’s not trying to take over the world with Jaz, you can find him playing basketball or playing Zelda.

Jaz Saini was born and raised in Brampton, Ontario. She has a diploma in Marketing and a certificate in Marketing Design Applications. She started her career as a Social Media Strategist both in and out of the entertainment industry, but knew she was meant to be on camera. Other than her love for creating content, Jaz is a huge foodie and also loves playing Zelda.

In an interview with Desi Today, Harjit and Jaz come together to to talk about their passion and how they got together to create this successful channel.

Congratulations on winning the award. How do you feel?

J: We just wanted to say thank you to all the homies (fans) for all the love and support! Without them, we wouldn’t be here right now.

H: This is honestly a dream come true.

Where and how you two got together?

J – We met at the airport! Harjit and I were both going on the same business trip to India and we just really hit it off!

H  – We hung out a lot while in India and then when we came back we were kind of inseparable

When and how did you decide to start the channel?

J – We started the channel February 8th 2016 and we decided to start the channel literally a week before!

H – We both had our own channels that were kind of at a standstill and we were both constantly helping each other and working together that it just made sense to start a channel together!

 Are you guys actually living together?

J – currently we are not living together

H – However, we are planning to make the move to LA so we’ll be living together real soon!

Where do you get the inspiration to select the theme of your skits?

J – Our skits are based on everyday lives, we like say that we just make real life situations funny

H – Our inspiration comes from anywhere, depending on time of the year it is, who we’re hanging around with or even things going on around the world.

What age group is your followers?

J – It’s a wide range of people aged 13-35

 What according to you relates to the viewers?

J – I feel like anything to do with relationships or parents relates a lot to our viewers

H – We like to drop a lot of back to school videos in the Fall because we know a lot of our viewers are students!

 Which skit got the maximum number of views till now and why?

J – “Back To School : Types Of Students” which has about 27.4 Million views

H – I think it got a lot of views because it was just super relatable to everyone that’s going back to school or has been to school. We tried to hit every type of student and make it as humorous as we could.

What are your future plans?

J – We have some big dreams. Moving to LA is first on the list and then maybe going on tour, writing a show, writing a book.. The list goes on!

 What do you think are major issues that can take a toll on  your relationship? What’s your advice?

J – We hardly EVER argue, so if we do its disagreeing on something about the business and we usually resolve that pretty quick.

H – We’re really great with communication and I think that’s where a lot of couples go wrong. Our advice would be to share everything and be honest from the past, present and future.

How are your families reacting to your success and videos?

J – My dad is still a little confused on what I do, but I think deep down he’s super proud of me!

H – My parents are finally starting to get really happy for me! They’ve always preached for me to get a “real job” but they realize our success now and that this is what makes me happy!


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