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Secret Revealed: Mastering the Art of Color Correcting

The first step to mastering skin color correcting is understanding the foundation of the different colors used for correcting and their purposes. So, lets get started!


Green Concealers:

·   Green will neutralize any redness that is noted on the skin. Green concealer is also great to use on acne prone skin as it does a great job in covering up any red spots.




Yellow Concealers:

·   Yellow concealers work well with dark circles and are great for covering any bruising noted to be blue-purple in color



Orange Concealers:

·   Orange concealers work perfectly for darker skin tones that require color correcting of dark circles and other areas of hyperpigmentation





Pink Concealers:

·   Pink concealers are ideal for brightening any area of your skin such as your under eye



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