August, 2020

Gym Bag Must-haves

Health - Gym BagExcited about hitting the gym and cutting flab? Make sure to carry essentials like water bottle, hair ties and deodorant in your duffle bag. Experts shares what should be inside your gym bag:

Water bottle:
Hydration is the key. Keep water on hand with a sleek water bottle.

Hair Ties:
Black hair bands are boring. Liven up your hair tie collection with colourful ones.

Ditch your drugstore brand deodorant and treat yourself to a luxe alternative instead.

A razor will help you to get gym-time ready with smooth and hydrated skin.

Yoga Leggings:
Incorporate some fun yoga pants in the process of sweating it out. A printed pink pair will do the job.

Sports Bra:
Look for a perfect mix of style and support in a sports bra.

Fragrance Free Wipes:
Freshen up post-workout with handy face wipes.

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