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4 Fashionable Braids  To Try This Fall

4 Fashionable Braids To Try This Fall

Braids can be girlish, they can be classical, traditional or elegant or punkish. It all comes down to the particular style you’re wearing, and the way in which you carry it. Braids are a staple part of any girl’s hair repertoire, a constant rather than so much a trend; and yet, as far as fall 2013’s hairstyles go, the question is of which braided hairstyles to try.


Braid - Side tailSide braid

The side braid is basically what it says: a braid that falls to one side of the hair. The brilliant thing about the side braid is that it takes only minutes to create, but has plenty of impact. In recent years it became associated with tomboyish, sporty cool, but for fall 2013 it was reignited in a smooth, elegant light.


braid - crown braidCrown braid

The crown braid is a type of braid that goes around the head. It’s a style you would likely see while watching Game of Thrones. Whether done cleanly or in a sleek way, it exudes a royal vibe. If you’re going for a vintage and playful look, try leaving it a bit messy.


braid - fishtail braid tory burchFishtail braid

Modern with a boho edge, a fishtail braid is increasingly popular. The main difference with this braid is that it uses four strands instead of just three, giving it that fishtail look.


Braid - BunBraid bun

If a long braid isn’t your forte, opt for a double-stranded braid twist pulled into a bun, like the look from Naeem Khan’s fall 2013 runway.

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