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15 Ways To Make Someone Feel Appreciated Without Spending A Dime

Whether it be your mom, cousin, friend or sibling, it can be easy to neglect the ones we love. Further, we often make the excuse that we’re short on cash as the reason why we don’t show tokens of appreciation. It often takes very small gestures to make a person feel appreciated so we have compiled a quick list of things you can do for the people you care about to show them a little love! Everything on the list is completely free but is guaranteed to touch those around you.

1. Send them a “good morning” text message
2. Invite them to take a walk with you
3. Help them reconnect with someone they lost touch with in their life
4. Give them a foot massage
5. Find out what their name means and send it to them
6. Write them a list of things you like about them
7. Ask them for advice for an important life decision
8. Cook them dinner
9. Send them a picture of you two that you like
10. Write them a card. A short, sweet “thank you for being there” note goes a long way
11. Give them an “I will do you any favor” card for them to use
12. Sing them their favourite song
13. Ask them to help you pick what you should wear
14. Have a photo-op session with them
15. Write them an e-mail

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