July, 2020

Why my fitness plan doesn’t work?


Dhiraj Khatri has the answer

So already January, the first month of the New year is gone and I believe many of you are disappointed with your resolution to keep up the fitness level or achieve your new year goal. Talking to hundreds of fitness enthusiast, I found out why your fitness plan don’t work or you fail.

Following points will help you to understand how you should plan your fitness regimen.

Stop counting Steps : So not count how much you moved today in general or workout this will alter your mindset and will tempt you to eat more as you think you burned more, your body is meant to move so counting it is not a good idea.

Stop counting calories : Instead of counting calories see what nutrition you are taking inside your body and what time is it. Most of you get in the trap of food  labels counting calories and completely ignoring what macro nutrient you are taking in;. Right food at right time will work wonder for your fat loss; calorie is second to it.

Did you worked out hard :  counting rep while strength training or checking time while doing cardio ;limits your potential to a good intensity workout. Your body don’t get stimulated by any specific number of rep; you may need couple more reps required to hit your body hard, same comes to cardio doing it for 20min or an hour its not necessary it will give you desired results. Rather count your rate of perceived exertion means making you work hard enough to let your body to pay.

Avoid Yo-Yo Diet : No Diet plan will work long term until you are able to change your lifestyle instead of diet only. If you suddenly change your eating patterns your body has to go through a lot of stress. Most of the time it is more of psychological stress  which interns keep you at the edge of losing your aim, rather transition your diet gradually changing your habits day by day not the entire stuff at a go.

Don’t be dependent only on supplements : I always recommend supplements to make sure that diet should be complete of all macro nutrient, vitamins, minerals and trace minerals but the priority should be given to food first and try to achieve balanced diet ,the deficit must be covered through supplements.For example to cover requirement of protein people use only protein supplements where they can eat good quality protein from different sources, whereas  on the other hand if I say use Omega 3 supplements, zinc, vitamin D3 to get required nutrient as it is not available easily is now a days dietary patterns.

Divide your long term goals: Divide them into multiple short goals and achieve and enjoy your success consistently. For example rather thinking of weight loss of 30 lbs think of working out 5 times a week and changing your fast food eating habit as your 2 weeks goal.

Share your small victories: Staying positive everyday reminding yourself about achieving your goal ,celebrating on achieving your short goals will help you to be consistent and Consistency is the only key to success.

It is never too late if the month of January has passed. You still have 11 more months to achieve your goal all you need is enthusiasm with right strategy and patience. Consider that once you achieve your goal, it should be converted as your lifestyle rather getting back to previous. Being healthy doesn’t only mean how you look or how much you weigh, it is just a part of the bigger picture. Use your coming 11 months to change your entire life making you healthy in all aspect .So time to tie your shoe laces and get back on track to achieve a healthy and fit life.

Be FAB !

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