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What Common Dreams Mean

We have all woken up from a dream feeling awe-stricken, trying to search from memories in the past few days to make sense of why our subconscious may have conjured up the specific dream. We have done the research and we found your answers! Researchers, scholars and even psychologists as famous as Carl Jung have made claims about what these common dreams may mean.

#1 Chased
Researchers conclude that the people who vividly remember being chased in their dreams have one commonality: they are not addressing a big problem in their life. Researchers state that because you choose to hide a problem in your conscious everyday life, your subconscious is trying to remind you that you cannot ignore: that the problem will “chase” you eventually.

#2 Vehicles
Having dreams related to cars, planes, trains, etc., are almost unanimously tied to one’s feeling of control in their life. When life is taking you in a new direction, we often are forcefully going down a new path or are forced into a new path that we do not wish to take. In the first case, you’ll have dreams where you choose to drive very fast and it’s enjoyable. In the second case, you’ll find yourself in a car you can’t control, or forced to remain in a plane/train that is experiencing turbulence that you have no control over.

#3 Late For Something/Can’t Reach Destination
This specific dream is closely tied to being overwhelmed with too much and feeling like you don’t have enough time to complete everything. Reports show that when people take on too much responsibility and then begin to procrastinate, they often have a dream where they can’t reach their destination.

#4 Water
Dreams concerned with water are commonly tied to the emotions of our subconscious and conscious mind. The type of water involved is the revealing factor: clear water represents calmness, cloudy mugging water represents anger/disgust, drowning in water represents feeling overwhelmed. It is important to note that often dreams related to water are more about how we are managing our emotions rather than the emotions themselves.

#5 Flying
– People report feeling free and elated during and after having a dream where they are able to fly. This tends to indicate that you have recently freed yourself from a stressful situation or achieved a goal in your life recently. You may have previously felt restrained due to a stressor in your life and since a recently positive event, your subconscious feels free and is expressing that feeling through the flying dream. It may also be that you are finally taking time to reflect on your life rather than get caught up in your busy schedule. In both cases, the subconscious is feeling free and unrestricted and this is how the subconscious expresses itself.

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