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Wedding Bell Blues: Price of Indian Weddings Now Vs. 10 Years Ago

Wedding Bell Blues: Price of Indian Weddings Now Vs. 10 Years Ago

With the high price of hall rentals, catering and entertainment for such large families, it is no surprise that Indian weddings are notoriously known to be expensive. It used to be that an Indian wedding would cost the down payment on a really nice car, now one would cost the down payment on a really nice house.

In just 10 short years the cost of weddings have sky-rocketed. Parents are forking over more and more 10 thousand dollar checks and the to-be husbands and wives are giving them more and more reasons to do so. So, what exactly is getting more expensive? We surveyed countless couples and venues to find out. So let’s take a closer look at some averages:

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Remember that down payment on a house we were talking about? Yeah, we meant a house with a pool, tennis court and probably a gold-picket fence.

Everything from wedding outfits to decorations have become more and more costly. Now, how much of this can be blamed on the frivolous spending habits among the younger generation? Apparently, not all of it.

Our research shows that in 2005, the same hall could have been booked for about $6,000 that now can be bought for up to $18,000. The same photography companies had packages starting at $2,900 that now start at $4,500. The wedding industry itself has become a more business-forward field: private DJs now only work under larger companies, decorators now come separate for home events and hall events, and you better believe the powerful women in Surrey have made make-up artistry one of the highest profiting local businesses.

But we definitely cannot say that there isn’t a new trend toward “bigger” and “flashier” weddings. One of the biggest cost differences comes from the fact that it is now common practice to have events such as the Maaiyan at a hall rather than at a person’s house. Further, simple Butter Chicken and Naan menus apparently don’t cut it anymore: newlyweds mentioned having steak, dessert bars and even hot dog stands for the end of the reception night. Professional makeup is now necessary for every event, intricate lighting is a must-have for each hall booking and the wedding outfits have of course progressed to whole new levels. “I swear, the outfit that my mom wore to the Gurdwara, I could put on one of my bridesmaids” one 2015 newlywed remarks.

The most alarming part of the whole phenomenon is that is happened just within a 10 year span. Wedding costs in Surrey have tripled in a single decade. Let’s just say the and apparent need for Indian weddings to include photobooths, 15 groom’s men and a never-ending open bar is enough to send any anyone running down the alter screaming “I don’t.”

We agree that for your wedding, the people and companies you hire must be the best of the best but, there are certain areas where you can cut costs so you don’t completely break your bank.

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