September, 2019
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Using Social Media to Improve Your Business: The 8 Laws

1.) Law of Free Promotion
– Give your product/provide your service free of cost  to established social media stars and have them review it
– You don’t have to be popular on social media right away, you have to find the right people
– If you have a great product/service the people you give them to will do the work for you: they’ll post about it, make videos tag your company name, etc

2.) Law of Personability
– Be personal, be honest, be yourself. People on social media do not want to see overly glorified ads and products. They want to see real people who they can connect with and trust and those are the people they would be willing to purchase products from.

3.) Law of Accessibility
– Be present on every social media outlet
– Here is every outlet your business needs an account for: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, Snapchat, Blogging websites
– different people like different social media outlets, so be sure to use them all
– different outlets have different purposes (e.g., Instagram can show pictures of your business/product, Snapchat allows your consumers to know you/trust you)

4.) Law of Frequency
– Be on social media constantly. Daily. Hourly. Be aware of what your consumer want to see, be aware of what they’re responding positively to and post accordingly

5.) Law of 1 in 5
– Have a maximum of one blatant business “advertisement” in every five posts you make. No one wants to follow an account that’s flooded with ads

6.) Law of Connection/Law of “4 in 5”
– Make the other 4/5 posts something many people can connect with: post funny pictures, interesting stats, quizzes that are really interactive. Be fun and engage with people! (P.S. funny posts are paramount)

7.) Law of Reward
– Provide incentives for your followers. Award free products, shout outs, etc for people on your accounts. If your product is good, these people will come for the reward and stay for the great investment.

8.) Law of the Hashtag
– Have a set business Hashtag from the beginning and use it on every possible platform (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc)
– Keep it short, simple and easy to spell
– Try to get it trending: make a fun game out of it or have your award obtainable only if participants posts the hastag

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