May, 2020

Turban Day

Although Sikhism is regarded as the world’s fifth largest religion, very few people know what Sikh faith is about. This lack of awareness has had negative repercussions in the UK, especially when Americans have mistakenly equated a turban with terrorism. Since 9/11 there have been attacks on turbaned Sikhs, and in August 2012 Sikh Americans were massacred at a gurdwara in Wisconsin.

On September 29th, the Surat Initiative organized an event in New York to educate local communities about the Sikh faith, religious traditions, and to tie turbans on curious people. Volunteers came from all over the northeast and tied over 700 turbans on their fellow Americans. Hundreds of other New Yorkers stopped by to speak with young Sikhs and learns about the religion and the significance of the turban.

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