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Tips to de-stress at work place

With a demanding boss, a long list of to-dos, and negative environment, you get stressed in office. Beat the stress by downloading an app or gorging on oranges.

List of ways to de-stress in office:

* Take a two-minute mini vacation:
Choose one of your favourite vacation memories and relive it without spending on the airfare! All of us have memories from our favourite places. You can relive the best moment of your life to feel like you did when you were there. It helps you recognise you have a choice in how you feel in a stressful moment.

* Download a de-stressing app:
Your smartphone might be partly to blame for the stress you’re feeling (non-stop emails), but it’s also a great resource for de-stressing tools so try a couple of de-stressing apps.

* Keep essential oils at your desk:
A whiff or two could actually help you relax. Aromatherapy has been shown to decrease stress levels, so shop around for a scent you fancy and get sniffing.

* Handwrite your to-do list:
Think of your handwritten to-do list as a sacred document. You’ll know exactly where to find it when you need to refer back to it since it won’t be lost among the many open tabs of your browser. Also, the act of physically writing down your tasks may help you organise your thoughts and remember them more clearly which, in turn, will help you to be more focused and less stressed.

* Snack on an orange:
A 2002 study found that a dose of vitamin C helped people bounce back more easily from a stressful situation.


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