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The wedding of the year

gagan-food-4Jasneet Arora of Gagan Foods International, recently got married to Jatinder Singh. Her wedding was a grand affair with 2000 guests being part of it. In an interview with Desi Today she talks about some highlights of her special day

When and where was your wedding ceremony and reception?

Our wedding was on August 20th 2016 it was held at the Darbar Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Gurdwara in Surrey. Our reception was held at the Riverside Signature Banquet hall on August 21st 2016.

How did you meet your partner? Was it a love or arranged marriage? 

We had a love marriage. I met Jatinder at for the first time at a mutual friend’s birthday party. We clicked and that’s where it all started.  I always wanted to know my partner well before I ever took the decision to get married. So this way we got to know each other so well over the years when the time came we knew we were marrying being each others best friend. That way adjusting to our new relationship as husband and wife was much easier. It was a very smooth transition.

Did you always wanted a big wedding and Why?

Growing up I always knew that when my wedding would come it would be a big one. When the time came we only had a few months to plan what everyone referred our wedding to as the “Big Fat Indian Wedding.” The whole month of August was quite exciting for us. We were all exhausted after our wedding as it was non-stop events for days.

What were some of the special attractions on your wedding?

Our wedding was the attraction for a lot of people. It was the talk of the town during the summer. We had a lot of prestigious guests that attended our wedding.

Did you hire a wedding planner?

Our wedding was planned in just a few months we didn’t hire any wedding planner, as my parents were far better than any wedding planner. They managed everything so smoothly.

How many functions did you guys have?

 Our first kick of party started in July. We had two month long celebrations. But as for the wedding week we had 6 events. It started of with our cocktail party and concluded with our reception.

How many people attended the wedding?

The party that had the most amount of guests attend was the Reception of baraat party that was held on Aug 19th/2016 at Bombay banquet hall. It was the pre reception party the night before our Wedding Day. We had close to 2000 people attend that party. It was amazing! As for our actually wedding day there was also close to 800-900 people that attended.


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