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The Tinder Phenomenon

By Amrita Lit

A couple years ago the concept of online dating was reserved for those considered “second tier” in the dating world. A stigma surrounded popular websites in which people secretly and light heartedly signed up in order to “just see what’s out there.” But now, a new social media application which sole purpose is to use an online platform to unite likeminded individuals in intimate and potentially long-term relationships is sweeping the nation. Or perhaps the nation is swiping with eager interest to find their “one true love” – or their next booty call.

The app Tinder has caught popularity like viral wildfire to individuals who are hoping to match up with someone attractive and compatible, looking for exactly what they are. This may be what is most appealing to so many; that whether you’re looking for a one night stand or your soul mate, it’s pretty clear from the get go what you’re about to get once you’re matched up and chatting with someone.

This helps avoid incongruent ideals and potentially damaging unions to people who might not be seeking out the same thing as one another. It’s clear to see what has attracted people to this “dating app.” It’s so very simple to use. You see something you like, you swipe, talk to them, meet up, and things progress naturally from there – or maybe not if their online self didn’t quite match up with their “in real life” self.

But what does this do to future generations expectations of finding a life long partner? This seems so “wham-bam-thank-you ma’am.” Where’s the charm? Where’s the chase? Where’s the mystery and butterflies? This seems to straight to the point and missing what love is all about – effort.

It’s a very laidback and passive way to jump into a relationship if you ask me. As if it wasn’t easy enough to keep someone “at bay” in today’s day and age. Now all we got to do is log on to an app and let it do all the work for us? How much are we really going to value a relationship that began this way?

How trusting a woman or man must be to meet up with a complete stranger and decide they MIGHT just work out just based on a few lines and a photograph? Is that all it takes now? How low have our standards really become?

Call me old fashioned, or maybe a hopeless romantic, but Tinder just doesn’t sit right with me. Something about it takes the very essence of the platform of a long lasting and successful relationship right out of it.

Get out there and MINGLE for God’s sakes. Use those corny pick-up lines, take a chance on someone you might not consider “your type.” Love hides in the strangest of places, but your phone screens shouldn’t be one.

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