July, 2020

The Perfect Indian Ensemble – A Collaboration

Indian Fashion offers so much from bold colors to intricate detailing and when put together just right, the perfect Indian Ensemble is created! From strategic pairing of jewelry with the outfit, to the right styling of makeup and hair, there’s so much potential to create a personal look and feel sure to make heads turn!

To showcase how such a look can be accomplished, Nina and Sharon of Luxury Indian Jewels collaborated with other local entrepreneurs in the Indian fashion industry. They approached The Lace Proposal for their unique made to order outfits, Happi Kaur for the way her makeup captures her clients beauty, models Sanya and Alisha for their passion for modelling and Prem Saran for his stunning photography which was perfect for capturing the entire ensemble from head to toe.

Below are details of these local businesses, be sure to check them out the next time you are getting ready for an Indian function!

Luxury Indian Jewels – Nina Johal and Sharon Grewal


Instagram @luxuryindianjewels



The Lace Proposal – Jassey Saran




Makeup Artist – Happi Kaur

@makeupbyhappi, happikaur@hotmail.com



Prem Saran Photography – Premdeep Singh Saran




Freelance Model – Sanya Ratanpal

@sanya.r ; sanya_ratanpal@yahoo.com


Freelance Model – Alisha Goundar

@alishagoundar_ ; Alisha.goundar98@gmail.com


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