August, 2020

SKYZONE is the limit to your fun in Surrey

Are you tired of taking your kids to a nearby water park? Or you are finding camping too expensive? Are you wondering what would be your next plan to burn your kids creative and physical energy cells once the summers are over. Sky Zone Trampoline park which is the world’s first indoor trampoline park, is the answer to all your apprehensions. Located next to the Scott Road Sky Train station in Surrey, this “fun fitness” place will sweep you off your feet. And quite literally. Read the firsthand experience of a mother who visited this plac and what she discovered.

Some time ago my daughter attended a birthday party at Sky Zone Trampoline Park. She loved it and begged me to go back there ever since so I finally said yes. I started thinking about what I had to pack and Ella (my daughter) said “Mom, you just need special socks to jump.”

Rupinder : Head concession, Sky Zone – Rupinder came from Punjab. Once her kids were in high school she decided to go back to work. A field hockey player herself, Rupinder wanted to be surrounded by active people so she joined Sky Zone team.

It turned out she kept hers from the party so we could reuse them, I just had to buy a new pair for my son who has never been there. Quite relieving not having to think about a million things you need to pack.
We arrived at about 5 o’clock, it wasn’t too busy. The check in process took around 10 minutes. I had to fill out a waiver, buy jump passes and have the kids put on the socks. I wasn’t going to jump and just planned on watching them. We went to the platforms and it turned out that there were court monitors at every court. The monitors were from various ethnicity and background and spoke in  different languages to make their visitors comfortable.
I was mentally prepared to spend the whole evening supervising them but to my surprise I was told that I didn’t even had to be there! This made me really happy because I had some work to do. I grabbed my laptop from the car, got coffee and settled down in the parent’s lounge where I could use free
internet. It was pretty cool cause it overlooked the whole park so I could glance at the kids every once in a while but honestly it seemed like the staff knew what they were doing so I wasn’t too worried about their safety.
After an hour of jumping the kids wanted to stay a bit longer so in the end we’ve spent 90 minutes there and we all loved it! They were happy bouncing around, I was happy to get some time for myself and it only cost me $5 for half an hour!

Fisa: Head cashier and a Team Leader
Fisa belongs to a Fiji and Afghani lineage. She speaks English, Hindi and French. She used to have a trampoline when she was a kid and really loved it so she decided to work here.

One more thing worth mentioning is the birthday parties.  I witnessed a birthday party celebration. The best part about the birthday parties at Sky Zone is that all you have to do is bring your kids and cake. You will be given two extra large pizzas, sky socks, a dedicated party host a private party room and necessary cutlery like plates, napkins cups etc. The host will take care of everything so you can just sit back and relax. When the kids are jumping you can watch them on the trampolines or go get a coffee at the parents lounge. The host will set the room for you, serve food and do the clean up.
They also run summer camp for kids throughout the summer called Sky Camp. It looks pretty interesting – jumping, arts and crafts, socializing games etc. I will definitely enroll them for a week because I know they will have fun!




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