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Six Hair Tricks & Tips That Will Save Your Morning

hair styles 1Mornings are usually defined by all those crazy moments spent trying to save time either because you’re already running late, or simply because you prefer to spend a few extra minutes in bed to the detriment of a complex beauty routine. But getting out the door faster and looking completely put together is a matter of mastering a few easy hair tricks that promise to change your morning routine forever. Sporting effortlessly gorgeous hair this year while keeping things simple in the styling department, now that’s what we’re all after. Find the six tricks that will help you kick start the day, after the break.

DIY Dry Shampoo

Great for solving morning hair emergencies, this dry shampoo can be easily recreated at home using a super-easy recipe and few household ingredients that you most likely already own. Working as a great alternative to soaking up the oils that make your hair look greasy, try mixing 1/4 cup of cornstarch and a tablespoon of baking soda in a small jar, if your hair is light colored. For darker hair, simply add in two tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa powder. Once everything is blended together, sprinkle a small amount of product in your hands, work it gently into your hair, let it sit for a moment and then brush your hair to remove the powder, and all of the oil will vanish with it!

hair styles 2Control Flyaways

Flyaways have a tendency of getting in the way of your perfectly great styling techniques, appearing all the more irritating in the early mornings. Give them a quick fix using nothing but an old toothbrush and a little bit of hairspray. Once sprayed with the hairspray, run the toothbrush over the rebellious hair strands to set them under control. This trick prevents the use of unnecessary products that most of times work only in weighing your hair down.

The 10 Minute Rule

Ever wondered why the promised results fail to make an appearance despite of you using all the right hair products? In most cases, is just a matter of handling the time right. Remember to always apply your choice of products 10 minutes before actually styling your hair whether you plan on curling, straightening, or fixing your locks in an easy hairstyle. These 10 minutes that you can spend doing your make-up instead, will ensure that the products will be completely absorbed into your strands, leaving you with a complete set of benefits.

California Waves

If you’re after some quick and easy obtainable beach waves in the morning, make mousse your new best friend. Put a blob of product in your hand (golf ball-size if your hair is short, baseball-size if your hair is longer). Tilt your head to one side, crumple up the hair from the ends to the roots and repeat the technique on the other side. Allow your hair to air-dry and proceed to style it further only if needed, making sure to use your fingers instead of a brush. Otherwise leave the hair untouched for more of a disheveled result.

Blast the Cold

Now this trick might sound mildly unpleasant, but the smooth result will totally be worth it. Before you get out of the shower, switch to cold water for a few seconds and use it to rinse your hair rapidly. The cold water helps seal the cuticle, promising to add a sleek finish to your locks.

Make those Bobby Pins Stay

A few bobby pins used creatively always help in styling your hair both super pretty, and super quick. But if you’re one of the girls who avoids the use of bobby pins because of their tendency to slide out ever so easily, fear no more. What you have to do to avoid the slippery part is place your bobby pins on a paper towel, spray them lightly with a dry shampoo or a hairspray, and allow them a short minute to dry. Your fine, straight or thin hair will totally enjoy the extra hold.

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