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Sikligar Sikhs — The forgotten heroes 

Surrey based Charity SAF CANADA introduces a $500, 000 project for a neglected community in India

The Sikligar Sikhs, who made important contributions in the fight against human rights, were forced to live a life of a lot of misery due to the helplessness of the nation. While the Sikh militants had fought the enemy (Moguls) with the help of Sikh Guru Sahibs in the battlefield, the Sikligar community was responsible for providing the weaponry in the hands of these warriors, which would also prove to be an important contribution.

Unfortunately, the Sikh Nation has not paid much attention to assisting to lift these Sikligar Sikhs out of their poor standard of living. Their children are not able to attend schools due to poverty, and those who do go to school, soon drop out. If the future of a community is at stake, then it is very important to connect their new generation with the education of the times.

It is for these reasons that this special project for Sikligar Sikhs has been developed by the Sikhi Awareness Foundation (SAF) of Canada. Responsibility of a village of Sikligar Sikhs in Madhya Pradesh’s district, Burhanpur has been taken to assist with the education of the children of the Sikligar Sikhs, the wives and the men.  They will be assisted in working according to their interests.

Bhai Shamandeep Singh, CEO of Sikhi Awareness Foundation of Canada, has said that this village is situated in the jungles 25 km from the city. There is no basic facility in this village. There is no water and sanitation facilities around. Young girls have to go in the open for toilet . In the 1st phase, SAF has taken the responsibility of around 70 children who will be attending a private school in the nearest city which is 25kms.

He said that under this project, the organization will be spending approximately $500,000 throughout a period of 10 years. In addition to the education of children, sewing, embroidery and such activities will be taught in order to raise the skill level of the women, according to their interests. In addition to this, surveys will be performed on local stones and will also be addressed on their homes and so on.

SAF is making special efforts for the education of needy children in many different locations, including Punjab. At present, responsibility for the education of more than 500 students is being taken care of with the generosity and participation of the Sangat and Sponsors. SAF Canada is also responsible for the education requirement of 70 children from this Sikligar village. The children’s school is about 25 miles from the village, and the cost of transportation of children is also arranged by the organization. It should also be mentioned that SAF has dedicated this year towards the Sikligars and have so far opened up a free school in Alwar, Rajasthan in January this year, opened up a Gurmat and Tuition Center in Gujarat in May this year and now this 3rd project for the Sikligar Community.

Donations can be made using their website www.safcanada.org
More videos & photos from this new project can be seen on our Facebook Page.



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  1. Today there is an increasing interest in the Sikligar Sikhs, which has a lot to do with the relentless work of young Sikligar Sikh hero Harvindar Singh in the decade gone by.

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