April, 2020

‘Raptors Superfan’ Nav Bhatia forgives person who posted racist tweet mocking his turban

NAV Bhatia, best known as “Raptors Superfan’ the world over, showed his graciousness once again when he not only forgave a Milwaukee Bucks fan who posted a racist tweet mocking his turban, but announced that the next time he is in Milwaukee, he wants to take the him out for dinner.

He said his belief that sports can unite everyone is why he forgave him, CTV reported on Monday. The user’s account was deleted after he was condemned by Brampton MP Raj Grewal and a raft of Bucks fans.

Bhatia told CTV: “I felt bad for him actually. I felt sad for him and, you know, two days later he called me and apologized,” adding that the Bucks fan acknowledged his comments had been stupid.

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