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Quick Fixes for Fashion Blunders

Quick Fixes for Fashion Blunders

Ever experienced a stain on your blouse during a client lunch or an unsightly deodorant streak across your little black dress? There are varied fashion faux pas that women can come across, but a little craftiness can help you escape fashion blunder embarrassment.

To help avoid those little ‘oops’ moments, here are some “quick-fix” tips to solve even the worst of fashion emergencies:

Quick Fix - 4Food on your clothes:

There is nothing worse than throwing your lunch down your dress, but you’re not alone. Over half of women have left the house with a stain on their clothes without realising. Eat your treats with confidence, safe in the knowledge that you have emergency wipes and tissues for a speedy clean-up. Use a moist wipe to quickly cleanse the area, using water to rinse as necessary. Use a tissue to soak up any additional liquid and leave to air-dry.


Quick Fix - 3Lipstick on your teeth:

Food, lipstick, red wine stains, teeth are a continuous source of potential embarrassment. Stealing a quick peek in a pocket mirror after eating, drinking or when applying lipstick will ensure your smile remains dazzling all night long.


Quick Fix - 1Ladder in your tights:

Clear nail polish can be a real life-saver when it comes to keeping a hole in your tights from getting bigger and bigger. To prevent a small ladder becoming a stairway to heaven, dab a little polish on either end of the run to keep it firmly in place.


Quick Fix - 2Scuff in your shoes:

If you’re part of the 38 percent of women who have got their heel stuck in a grate or pavement, carrying a small tin of petroleum jelly could help rescue your shoes. Rubbing your shoes with a little bit of jelly will fix up patent leather shoes in a flash and make them shine like new.

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