May, 2020

Punjabi Pad: Very first talking interactive Punjabi Toy

There are numerous toys that impart English language skills. However, few that teach Punjabi language. A couple based in US have invented the very first talking interactive Punjabi Pad.

LINGODODO teaches the Punjabi Alphabets, numbers, colors, fun beats and also quizzes you on what you’ve learned. “Basically Leapfrog just strictly in Punjabi,” says Milan Rana, co-founder of Lingododo.

Milan and her Husband, currently based in California, invented the pad out of their personal need and their passion for creativity, learning and entrepreneurship. The have two kids 9 and 4 years old who became their initial source of inspiration when they encountered difficulty in teaching them the native languages, Hindi and Punjabi.  “We sent our daughter to Sunday school at the local temple; however, she felt left behind in the classes. The problem was not the school, but rather ourselves, as we didn’t teach her the basics of the language because of hectic work schedule, busy days and general lack of time. We started looking for other solutions and were frustrated to discover that a lot of toys and tools were available in the market, but only in English,” says Milan.

The couple did not want the kids to grow up without knowing their roots, culture, and language. “Our second kid received a gift from a friend that was an electronic alphabet (English) learning tablet. We said to ourselves — Only if this tablet could teach our son Punjabi.” And Voila! the idea for LingoDodo was born. We at LingoDodo, know and understand that as a parent your deepest desire is that your child learns your native language and understands your culture, but we also realize the time commitment and effort it requires. We have found a solution for ourselves and countless other families in similar situations. Hand your kids Punjabi Pad and watch them interact and practice Punjabi that feels like play.

Milan Rana, co-founder of Lingododo and her Husband are currently based in California

Born and raised in Seattle, WA USA Milan worked for The Boeing Company for 4 years prior to opening her company LingoDodo and launching Punjabi Pad. She had always been in love with the Punjabi culture. She grew up going to every Gurmat Camp in Seattle, did Gatka and Kirtan at our local Gurdwara. Milan’s husband Alex aka Pali is born and raised in Copenhagen Denmark and also had a high position in The Boeing Company for 5 years. He taught himself to read and write in Punjabi.

How Punjabi Pad works?

The Punjabi Pad teaches Gurmukhi letters (alphabets), numbers in Punjabi, colors in Punjabi, music (Punjabi rhythms/instruments) and everyone’s favorite Quiz Mode that quizes you on what you have learned in Punjabi. Punjabi Pad is strictly in Punjabi and makes it fun for kids and even adults to learn our language.

How can people benefit from Punjabi Pad?

Children as young as 1 years old, start interacting with learning toys. They can push the buttons and learn Punjabi sounds and pronunciation of the alphabets, numbers and colors.It is a great gift for all ages: for children, parents, and teachers. The Punjabi Pad offers a beautiful and fun way to create interest in learning the Punjabi language.

The Punjabi Pad could greatly enhance community efforts in Sikh Diaspora to introduce and inspire children to learn Punjabi language, culture and spirit at a very young age. The response of young children to the fascinating music and joyful rhythms of Bhangra dance stored in the Punjabi Pad has attracted children’s attention and spontaneous response, and move them to interact with a colorful educational “friend” with the click of a button.

This is when learning becomes fun and may begin a lifelong interest.

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