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Priyanka Chopra hopes to pave the way for Indian singers

Bollywood Priynka (2)Bollywood actress-turned-singer Priyanka Chopra seems to have taken a page out of international singing sensation Jennifer Lopez’s book to boost her musical career.

After the lackluster international debut of her single In My City feat. Will.i.am, Priyanka Chopra figured it was a good idea to bring in some different talent for her second single. Following suit of JLo, whose collaboration with Will.i.am also failed to set the charts on fire, Piggy Chops collaborated with Pitbull, who gave JLo her top three hits on the US charts in the last decate.
Unfortunately the formula doesn’t quite seem to be working for the Indian actress turned singer.

Though her Exotic is the number one song on the India iTunes list, it’s nowhere in sight on the US charts.

As far as the video is concerned, it just doesn’t live up to the hype generated on the social media. Shot in Miami, it shows a bikini-clad Priyanka frolicking in the waves and singing the verses in English with a few lines of Hindi thrown in.

What’s surprising is that everything about the video — right from the locales, shots, lyrics, dance steps — seems amateurish.

“We have such incredible talent in India when it comes to music, voices that I hope get the opportunity that I have got to foray (into the international market)… (and it) will pave a way for lot more Indian artists to come up,” said Chopra at the launch of the video for Exotic.

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