August, 2020

McDonalds’ Secret Menu Items

Think you know everything there is about what McDonald’s has to offer? Well, think again! Here is your guide through Mcdonald’s secret menu. Each of these hidden items are real options at McDonald’s and if you ask for them, the McDonald’s employees have to make them for you. No, these are not seasonal items or discontinued items, they are indeed exclusively part of their secret menu that we will share with you. Part of the reason the menu stays a secret is because these options often give you more food for a much cheaper price. We‘re revealing these goodies to you to help you make sure that every meal is a happy meal!

mac 11.) Poor Man’s Big Mac
Price: $1.49

Ever want to get the savoury satisfaction from a Big Mac but don’t want to fork up the extra cash? Ask for a Poor Man’s Big Mac! Get all the flavour with just a third of the price. The only real difference between the two burgers? That piece of bread in the center! You’re paying about $1.50 extra for the bun that mostly just takes away from the delicious patty and sauce.
mac 2

2.) Monster Mac
Price: $6.49

This unique creation does not include two patties, not four, not even six, but a jaw-dropping EIGHT beef patties in one monstrous Big Mac. This (somewhat alarming) order is rarely asked for but is definitely very, very real. Although we don’t encourage taking on such a toll on your intestines with this burger every day, it definitely is a must-try to every avid McDonald’s customer.


mac 33.) The Chicken McGriddle
Price: $2.49 with Cheese
$3.99 with Bacon, Egg and Cheese
This is one of McDonalds’ most popular secret menu items: a combination of a breakfast favourite and a lunch classic. This is perfect for someone torn between wanting a light breakfast meal and a hearty burger for the afternoon.
The secret: A McChicken Patty sandwiched inside two McGriddles



mac 54.) McGangBang
Price: $2.50

This is truly a creation for an individual with the largest of appetites paired with the smallest of pockets. The infamous named “McGangBang” is created by stuffing a Dollar Menu chicken sandwich into a double cheeseburger. The result: is a colossal sandwich for a miniscule price. This burger gives a whole new meaning to getting more “bang” for your buck.
The secret: a McChicken placed in between the Patties of the McDouble to make the legendary “McGangBang”.


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