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Make 2014 your Fittest year yet.

With all the rain and cold temperatures it seems impossible to imagine warmer days. But, make no mistake, summer is coming. Soon it will be time to crawl out of your cozy hibernation phase, peel off the layers and reveal your pale skin to the warm basking glow of a spring and summer sun. Whether you’ve gotten used to skipping the gym and hoarding comfort food, or have been pretty diligent with your fitness routine but lack motivation, it’s time to change things up and reignite your love for fitness. Let’s get your head back in the game with a few reminders about why you should get a move on with your training and diet. Spring and summer are just around the corner!

Smaller clothes

With warmer weather around the corner, it’s just a matter of time until the layers start coming up. Whether you’re ready for it or not, the time to dust off your teeny-tiny bikini is fast approaching. Be the first one to hit the ground running and looking mid-summer amazing, when it’s only May.

Set a concrete goal for yourself. Sign up for a local event or obstacle race, and start training for strength and endurance now. There are local and regional physique competitions in British Columbia; start researching what’s happening this year and look for competitions that are 16 or 20 weeks out. Training for a competition or race will give you a hard deadline while giving you an extra push to train harder.

If you’ve never felt comfortable in a crop top, work hard so that this year you’ll feel great in one. If you’re self-conscious about your slender arms, make this the year of the muscle shirt. Plan jogs or hike outside, go rollerblading. Get some friends together to set a pace for yourself and make it a cardio get-together.

Wedding season

The summer months are the most popular for weddings. If you’re among those getting ready to tie the knot, implementing a training program now will help you face the masses with extra confidence and a leaner, trimmer body. Use your own wedding or one that you are attending as an inspiration to push forward and create a new fit body. Try a new lifting routine or kick up your cardio with high intensity interval training. The more you amp up your training routine now, the faster you’ll see the results you want.

Fitness2Summer getaways

It’s time to get your butt in gear for the summer getaways that you have planned. If you’re planning on site-seeing, start now with 30-minute walks on the treadmill. Choose a treadmill program that mimics the incline of being outdoors. If you’re planning on hitting a beach, get in the pool at a recreation centre and push yourself for a calorie-burning, lap-swimming workout. Changing your cardio workout styles can not only lean you out, but can also prepare you for the vacation activities you have planned.

Single & searching

Use your time now to work on yourself and becoming the best and most confident version of yourself. Nothing is more attractive than someone who is strong and confident. Put your best foot forward and buckle down on a training and diet regiment. Working out and being physically active releases endorphins, makes you a happier and more balanced person thus opening you up to positive experiences in all aspects of your life. Reap the benefits of being active, and who knows, maybe the cutie at the cardio machines will notice your amazing new self.

Give yourself the power and momentum to push forward and start your summer season with the body and health you’ve always dreamed of having. Find inspirational people to surround yourself with, and ask them how they got to where they are. Follow your favorite athletes through social media or look up body transformations for inspiration, or join a local 30 or 90-day challenge. Remember that exercise and fitness alone won’t get you the results you want; your diet needs to reflect your goals. Drink plenty of water, stay hydrated and don’t forget to supplement your diet with actual supplements that you don’t get enough of through your diet. 2014 has barely started. It’s too soon to give up on yourself. Start now, or start again, and make it the best year of your life.

by Am Sahota
Am Sahota is a fitness trainer and owner of Training Day Cafe. He has competed on a regional and national level in various sports including soccer, wrestling and weight-lifting. These days he splits his time between running Training Day Care and as a youth counsellor. His personal goal is to improve the health and well-being of today’s youth. Am can be contacted through his website www.trainingdaycafe.com.

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