July, 2020

Let’s Get Social

Social media faux pas aren’t exclusive to regular Joe’s. Here’s a look at a few mishaps over social media.

Even the President of the United States poses for selfies
Social - Obama
President Obama was caught committing a funeral faux pas — snapping a selfie with Danish Prime Minister HelleThorning-Schmidt and British PM David Cameron during Nelson Mandela’s memorial service. The threesome smiled as PM HelleThorning-Schmidt held her smartphone out to capture the moment but the First Lady in disapproval of the digital display.
Twitter Users Confuse Morgan Freeman for Nelson Mandela
Social - FreemanNelson Mandela: It’s a name everyone knows but not necessarily a face everyone recognizes. Many Twitter users shared Morgan Freeman’s picture incorrectly after the South African anti-apartheid hero died. Freeman, as well as Idris Elba, played Mandela in the films “Invictus” and “Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom.”


Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron Follows Escort Service on Twitter
Social - Cameroon
Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron was embarrassed when it was revealed his official Downing Street Twitter account was following an escort service. Blaming it on an auto-follow setting that is set up on his account, the PM’s twitter account also came under fire earlier in the year when an offensive tweet about foreign secretary William Hague was accidentally “favorited”.

US State Senate Candidate Cory Booker Exchanges Flirtatious Texts with Stripper
Social - Cory Booke 1Newly elected US Senator Cory Booker found himself caught in a social media scandal as his flirtatious direct messages with Portland stripper ‘Lynsie Lee’ were shared on Twitter. Paling in comparison to the Anthony Weiner scandal and Sen. David Vitter’s sex scandal with a D.C. Madam, Cory Booker slid by unscathed.


Robots Run Bank of America’s Twitter Feed
Social - Bank of America
Starting with a tweet from an individual about NYC police chasing him away from “chalkupy” sidewalk chalk drawing outside a Bank of America, the Bank’s Help Twitter account picked up on the activity and kicked into high gear, tweeting the same generic answers to those who commented on the original post. Regardless of the tweets’ content, the Bank of America account offered to “review your account with you to discuss any concerns.”
The King of Romance shares his tips
Social - TweetLondon Luton Airport learned the hard way to think before you post on Facebook. The airline posted a photo of a crashed airplane with a comment that read, “Because we are such a super airport … this is what we prevent you from when it snows … Weeeee :)” The problem: The 2005 plane crash depicted in the image killed a six-year-old boy. The airport drew ire from Facebook followers, and subsequently issued an apology.

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