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Jaspreet Kalra: India’s own rubber boy

Jaspreet Kalra: India’s own rubber boy

By Surbhi Gogia

Jaspreet Singh Kalara, the 18-year-old boy from Ludhiana, Punjab, has got a body that can stretch like a rubber and is flexible beyond any human imagination. When he starts twisting and turning his body parts, it appears as if there are literally no bones inside his structure to obstruct him. Be it rotating his face 180 degree or his hands up to 360 degrees, or even touching the floor with his head bent backwards, he can get into any strange position. He even has the ability to pass his body through a tennis racket.

For these special achievements, Jaspreet has been showered with various accolades from different record books that document human records. He was declared boneless man of India by Limca Book of Records. His next big goal is to get his name and his work in the Guinness Book of Records and be declared as World’s most flexible man.

Documentary makers from countries like China, Thailand and Japan, have been marvelled by his abilities and made him a subject of their work to understand and investigate why his body is so flexible. He had to go through a complete medical check-up including X-rays, blood investigations during one of the documentaries shootings by a Japanese TV. “The doctors said my flexibility was just natural, without any particular medical condition,” explained Jaspreet who is currently in Toronto, Canada, pursuing his management course.

Along with studying, Jaspreet, who is a certified Yoga teacher, wants to start his own Yoga school in Canada similar on the lines he was already running in before he coming to Canada. He says that he wants to inculcate ancient knowledge of Yoga practicing amongst people which he feels has been lost over the centuries. “Yoga means connecting body with your inner self. Humans have the amazing healing power to cure most of the health issues their bodies are struggling with, by themselves. However, over the centuries that power is lost. But practicing Yoga can actually help you get back that healing power,” he explains.

It was after the discovery of his own healing powers while practicing Yoga that he went on advanced level to be a Yoga instructor. As a young boy, he was never adventurous or a sports loving soul. Named as ‘shy boy’ in his own family, Jaspreet would just sit far behind to watch the kids of his age play. His flexibility to bend the body was discovered during grade 7 when his teacher was selecting students for a Yoga competition. “Without any prior practice, I could bend my body into any posture. I got a runner up prize and started learning Yoga.”

Everyone around him wondered at his flexibility. One day he watched a video of Contortionist Daniel Browning Smith passing his body through a tennis racket. “I was able to repeat it and many other stunts Smith showed in the videos. It was during that time I realized, my body was flexible beyond any normal human standards. It was then I got recognition from many organizations for being most flexible person in India.”

He has also has record of most number of push ups in one minute with torso rotated 180 degrees. When asked if bending and twisting the body beyond limits give him pain? “I have never felt any discomfort or pain while stretching. I have made it my hobby now.” He even made  small appearance in India’s Got Talent reality show and was shortlisted for further rounds. But he had to withdraw from the competition because of family pressure. ” I got a life threatening injury on my head once. Ironically it wasn’t due to stretching but when I was playing softball in the field. Since then my family was not very interested that I should even pursue my talent of contorting. I withdrew from the competition. But even after family restrictions, I got prone to injuries. One way or the other I would get injured. But I did not stop practicing Yoga. I realized during Yoga, that I had the ability to heal my injuries,” Jaspreet says.

It was from that time, he decided, that along with being world’s best contortionist and most flexible man, his goal was would be to spread the health awareness through Yoga. He wants people to discover their healing power by practicing Yoga.


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