July, 2020

It’s fun to be first: summer 2014 fashion trends

The summer 2014 season has shuffled off the runways of the big four fashion capitals, giving us plenty to look forward to. But let’s face it; we’re impatient. Not only do we want these pretty, shiny new things now because they’re pretty, new and shiny, we want them so we can get on top of the trends before everyone else does. It’s not only fun to be first, but the surest way to invest wisely in 2014 fashion pieces that will last. And so, to help you get on top of what’s in store, here are five summer 2014 fashion trends you can start to wear now.

Saying it and saying it loud: statements and slogan.

From political messages and slogans, to attitude-filled comments and self-referencing, trademark-infringing, clever word-plays: letters printed on clothes aren’t quite what they used to be. Continuing as a trend into spring 2014, here’s where typography is taking us now.

fashion - slogan 1fashion - slogan 2fashion - slogan 3fashion - slogan 4




Cropped shirts for spring.

An inevitable and welcome evolution of the crop top trend, the cropped shirt has a classic, sophisticated vibe that lends itself to both feminine and masculine interpretations. Merging the old with the utterly fresh and new, there are plenty of ways to style the cropped shirt and make it a statement this spring.

fashion - cropped shirts 1fashion - cropped shirts 2

Wide leg pants.
Relaxed, easy, cool: the three attributes that pretty much define what an ideal summer wardrobe should be all about. Making a return amongst spring 2014’s fashion trends, wide-leg trousers came bearing those exact qualities, enhanced only by spot-on styling, as if to point out that sometimes baggy can be a terrific idea. Not to mention that nothing beats the comfort of loose pants, you’ll have to agree on that.

fashion - wide leg pants 2fashion - wide leg pants 1


Ladylike lace: choosing romance for spring.

Never far from mind as being the epitome of femininity, delicate lace has yet grown even more popular for spring. From skirts to trenchcoats, accents to accessories – the openwork fabric ruled the runways.

fashion - ladylike lace 2fashion - ladylike lace 1








The return of mid-cropped culottes.
The runways are always great in turning the unexpected into infatuation and in making the unsought utterly-cool again, that we all know. Following these same principles, the spring 2014 fashion trends marked the surprising return of the calf-skimming trousers known as culottes, as the cropped silhouette for women’s pants underwent a super-chic makeover.

fashion - mid-cropped culottes 1fashion - mid-cropped culottes 2

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