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Is your energy drink -Draining you ?

Is your energy drink -Draining you ?

By Dhiraj Khatri

Energy can neither be created nor broken, it can be transformed from one source to another. We human beings are made to receive energy from different sources of foods and the energy stored in those foods is transferred in our body which in return helps us to do our activities of daily living. Day by day man started to create different ways to harvest the food which can be stored for future and avoid food scarcity in future (the biggest threat to any living thing) and that led agriculture, crops production etc. Science started developing so the food variety does and slowly every other source of food started getting processed and packed for convenience and ease.

Today’s world is full of food, every other place is full of convenience stores, restaurants, cafes etcmeans everywhere food is available (source of energy) and still we drink energy drink.

Lets discuss first what is the energy drinks made of ? Most of the energy drinks are made of carbonated water ,sugar ,caffeine, sodium and artificial flavours and off course so called other marketing stuffs like Taurine, ginseng etc. So technically if we see these drinks are sugar mixed with water and caffeine with lots of artificial flavours. So how does it gives energy to me ? this question might hit your mind. Well in simple terms I will explain that these artificial stuffs and caffeine are stimulants which kick your nervous system and gives you a temporary alertness.

So how does it drain my energy? Sounds a logic question to yourself!

Well again in simple terms when we drink these drinks, instant release of sugar and stimulants in our body is being absorbed by the blood quickly which in terms increases the blood sugar as well as caffeine hits our nervous system which seems fairly ok but when already we are stressed our sympathetic system (fight or flight) is at peak which helping us to cope up the situation, adding these stuffs in the blood spikes up the cortisol hormone to break down the protein hence we are destroying our own body from inside on the other hand sugar stimulates releasing the insulin which interns pull downs the elevated sugar level to adipose tissue aka fats.

Now if you analyse the scenario you are giving your body more stress where everything is getting negative inside except your mood coz of stimulant hits your brain. Large amounts of caffeine may cause serious heart and blood vessel problems such as heart rhythm disturbances and increases in heart rate and blood pressure. Caffeine also may harm children’s still-developing cardiovascular and nervous systems. Caffeine use may be associated with palpitations, anxiety, sleep problems, digestive problems, elevated blood pressure, and dehydration. Researches have shown that other than pop/soda ,energy drinks are also responsible in the issues like weight gain, diabetes and other lifestyle complications.

How should I avoid these drinks and still be active?

Well the answer is all about maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle , food itself is the source of energy when eaten fresh and balance ( carbs,protein, fats ).If your food log is well balanced and your time of eating food is right you wont need any sort of drinks to give you energy. Hydration is extremely necessary as well to combat this problem and keep you energetic as our body is made of water. It is our lifestyle and food preferences which makes us dependent on this drinks and finally starts working against our own body and mind.

So now onwards all you need is to plan your food, eat fresh ,eat well on time ,drink a lot of water ,sleep well and be stress free, you will never be looking for any energy drink ; you will be full of energy more productive more happy .

Be FAB !!!


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