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Is Online Schooling the Best Option for my Child?

Is Online Schooling the Best Option for my Child?

‘Learning in the 21st century has changed, so has the face of course delivery!’

We live in a world where technology is introduced to children at a very young age.  Because of this fact, their learning style is very different from the students that preceded them.  They demand individualized attention and customized learning plans.  Why not embrace this technology and introduce courses online to help support the needs of students today?  This brings us to Distributed Learning.

Distributed Learning (DL) is an innovative form of education based online, which gives 9-12 students flexibility and control over their education.  A better term to use is ‘blended learning’ where a student has all the course work material at their fingertips 24/7 while controlling the pace of their course completion. For going the prior model of regimented class work. This option is a relatively new concept offered by the Ministry of Education which is recently gaining notoriety and momentum.  Students aren’t completely independent, they are assigned a teacher who will set up an appropriate learning plan for the student to ensure coursework is being mastered and completed.

There are many reasons why students may opt for DL courses.  Some include scheduling conflicts, learning preferences, and/or the need for increased flexibility.  Many parents appreciate this method of course delivery because they know exactly what their child is learning.  Education in this type of environment lets students learn at their own pace in their own way.  Students have more autonomy in the way they use their time and grow to become independent learners.  The role of the teacher is more so to support and facilitate the students’ learning.

This ‘schooling approach’ is enabling students to pursue other avenues of education that gives them freedom to educate themselves in things they are passionate about and interested in rather than the staple choices offered by most schools.  On top of that, since it’s at a distance, there is a set amount of responsibility placed on the students which will better prepare them for post-secondary as it’s teaching them time management and promoting self motivation to complete assignments. This is truly a revolutionary approach to education.

Also, unlike a regular day school, students are able to enroll in any course at any time during the year and have up to 12 months to complete the course. (Unlike the traditional brick and mortar schools which complete courses in a strict 5 months).  Did you know students can now take courses like Work Experience 10/11/12, Leadership 11, Bhangra 11/12, Basketball 11/12 and many more electives to better themselves and to give back to the community they live in?  The sky is the limit with what students’ can do with their time.

Below are reasons why a student might consider a DL course:

•    accelerated learning
•    flexible timetable
•    quality personalized learning plan
•    clear and detailed expectations
•    study anytime and anywhere!!

For more information regarding distributed learning, please review the Ministry of Education website: http://www.bced.gov.bc.ca/dist_learning/

Or you can call Beyond DL School Society at 778.565.1124

online scholing 3Parents:

When searching for a suitable DL school, questions you should ask:
•    what are the school’s credentials?
•    are the assignments aligned with the Ministry guidelines?
•    does the school provide any face to face instruction time for the student to utilize?
•    are the teachers BC certified instructors?
•    will you, the parent, be involved in the development of the student’s learning plan?
•    how will the school encourage course completion?

– Avneet Gill

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