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Hughes & Company Law Corporation: Every client is  valued and every  case is important

Hughes & Company Law Corporation: Every client is valued and every case is important

Hughes & Company Law Corporation was established in 1996.

The company has its main office at 501 – 1128 Hornby Street, Vancouver, BC, just two blocks away from BC’s largest courthouse.

Offices in major locations throughout the BC lower mainland are available for meeting clients. The company has always taken the view that meetings with clients should be close to their homes. This saves clients the need to drive to downtown Vancouver, wasting time on commuting, and dealing with the problems of parking.

The company takes on a wide range of personal injury claims, including car accidents, aircraft incidents, and other general liability matters involving injuries through which the responsible person has liability insurance.
Mr. Cedric Hughes says that considerable changes have been noted over time with respect to the response of the insurance companies involved. Many years ago reasonable settlements without litigation was a practical option. At present, it is viewed as essential that claims be filed in courts, and very importantly, the matter be set for trial.

Clients rarely have any desire to go to trial. As long as liability is not in dispute, and there is a trial date, the client can expect that there is a high probability of settlement for a reasonable amount.

Matters that will go to trial typically involve either a dispute regarding blame for the accident, or a dispute regarding the client’s employability.

Essential to this process is the need to file and serve the necessary Notice of Civil Claim at the earliest opportunity. Hughes & Company makes it a practice to issue the Notice of Civil Claim immediately when the file is opened. The purpose is always to bring the matter to a conclusion as quickly and efficiently as possible, with the best possible result available in the circumstances.

Above all else, Hughes & Company insists on serving the client’s interest in accordance with the high standards of the legal profession. Mr. Hughes says that the governing body for lawyers in British Columbia, the Law Society of British Columbia, expects nothing less.

Mr. Hughes points out that a lawyer is not only an advocate for the client, but as counsel, is an Officer of the Court. This means that the lawyer has a duty at all times to present the evidence efficiently and fairly, so as to allow the judge to make a just decision in the case. The client must always be told the difficult facts of the case as well as those parts of the claim that the client may find pleasing.

Mr. Hughes says that in British Columbia we are blessed with a reliable and predictable legal system which is the key to a peaceful civilization, and the fair and respectful treatment of individuals within society. Judges in British Columbia are highly trained, independent, and fair-minded. They seek the result that is demanded by justice, as based on the facts. The judiciary are the guardians of democracy and counsel are the essential assistants in that process.

Hughes & Company seeks always to serve these higher purposes while pursuing the financial interests of clients with fairness and vigour.

It is a great privilege for Hughes & Company to represent members of the public before the courts of this province. Every client is valued and every case is important.

A lawyer’s role as a professional necessarily involves doing some work on a pro bono basis. This means that in some situations, there may be no fee. One example is that there is an increasing need to dispute the claims of Wage Loss Indemnity Plans in respect to the client’s settlement proceeds. There is an increasing trend for these Plans to refuse to pay their share of the legal expenses in relation to the reclaiming of money paid to the client, and also for the Plans to fail to accommodate when the primary recovery is less than 100%.

Hughes & Company has taken a vigorous position on a pro bono basis when these situations arise, moving to have the court adjudicate a fair result by way of a process called an Interpleader Proceeding.

Hughes & Company will take the steps that are necessary in accordance with the honor of the profession and the Rules of Court to achieve, above all else, client’s satisfaction and a reputation for integrity with everyone the company deals with.

Hughes & Company Law Corporation
501 – 1128 Hornby Street,
Vancouver, BC V6Z 2L4

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