April, 2020


 There is nothing us girls want more than long, luscious, movie-star locks but sometimes it seems impossible to attain them! Hair tends to grow between 0.5 to 1 inch every month. Follow these 5 steps for at least two months and we promise you will notice a dramatic difference in your hair texture, strength and (of course) length!

1.) The Inversion Method
– Hair grows from the root (bottom of the hair follicle) and blood vessels in your scalp feed your roots. The science behind the inversion method is: the more blood flow there is to the head, the more the blood vessels are stimulated, so the faster your hair will grow. The method advises people to “invert” their hair (turn their head upside down) so blood rushes to your head. Do this for 4 minutes each day for one week. Make sure to do this for one week out of each month (not every week) because your body will get used to the amount of blood rushing to your head and it won’t stimulate more growth anymore. People find their hair grows 1-1.5 inches in just one week! Youtube “The Inversion Method” to see people’s before and after results.

2.) Massage Your Scalp
– Many choose to pair a head massage with The Inversion Method and massage their scalp whilst tilting their head. Massaging your scalp stimulates the scalp and thus increases blood flow to promote hair growth. An added bonus: this feels really good!

3.) Hot Oil Treatment
– Heat up an essential oil for 10 seconds and massage into scalp and apply to hair shaft. Apply for at least 3 hours (but leaving it overnight is recommended) and then shampoo vigorously to get the oil out. We recommend coconut oil but you can use any essential oil: castor oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, etc. These oils contain vitamins and essential fatty acids that nourish the scalp and remove sebum build up from hair follicles to promote growth. The lauric acid in coconut oil has a shielding property which protects roots and prevents breakage. After just one treatment, people find their hair stronger and shinier and regular use is found to speed up the growth process substantially!

4.) Cold Water Rinse
– Rise your hair for 30 seconds with cold water after each shower. Cold water allows for the outer layer of the hair to rest more smoothly which helps prevent moisture loss and heat damage. After rinse, you’ll see your hair dry much smoother and be noticeably shinier. Such a simple step but it has amazing results.

5.) Reduce friction on hair
– Hair tends to break when it is constantly being rubbed against materials that damage it. Start using a silk pillow case instead of a cotton one so there will be less fiction on your hair at night. Do not wrap your hair with a towel after showering and don’t rub your hair dry too harshly after showering. Hair gets caught into the woven fibers and this promotes breakage. Invest in a soft microfiber hair towel if possible.


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