May, 2020

How a Bindi Can Save Your Life

In India millions of women face life-threatening consequences due to iodine deficiency. Although it is not commonly talked about, iodine deficiency is the world’s leading cause of brain damage. It is also linked to severe complications during pregnancy such as cognitive birth defects or stillbirth. In India alone, over 300 million people are at risk. Unfortunately, many Indians lacking the mineral can’t afford iodine supplements or diets that contain iodine.  Indian research companies teamed up with NGO’s to come up with a cheap and creative way to administer iodine: a Bindi.

Bindi 2
Researchers created Bindis that are infused with iodine and act as patches that distribute a daily dose of iodine to those who wear them.

As the day progresses, the Bindi’s iodine circulates throughout the body. The bindis come in various colors to cater to girls’ never-ending fashion needs—obviously!

The creators of this innovative product have named it “The Life Saving Dot” or the “Jeevan (life) Bindi.” Today, the Bindis are handed out in medical camps in rural India and various villages across the nation. The best part of this life-saving initiative is that it is extremely cheap. A Bindi 3month’s worth of the Bindi’s cost just 10 rupees (about 16 cents).

The Bindi’s are expected to save millions of lives in India. The credit for these miraculous “dots” goes to the Grey Group and Neelvsasant Medical Foundation and Research Centre. These researchers proved what girls around the world have known for years: fashion can be life-saving!

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