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Hottest Wedding Trends of 2017

Hottest Wedding Trends of 2017

Everyone loves a big fat Indian wedding. But planning it can be downright painful especially for the couple and their families. Between finding the right venue, coming up with a guest list, picking that perfect wedding attire, matching jewellery — the list is endless and the time is limited. So why not save some time and take the help of an expert. To make your job easier, Desi Today talked to some of the fashion designers, wedding planners and make-up artists on the hottest trends of this season that you must try for your wedding. If you are looking for some practical ‘straight from the ramp’ bridal trends for yourself, then we have something for you.

Davi Bains Gill
Designer/owner Armaan DGB

The 2017 wedding season is all about fusion. A perfect choice for your cocktail or reception party, fusion gown is a beautiful blend of contemporary and traditional design. The western cut of the attire like crop tops, off shoulders paired with ethnic work like dabka, zari and stone will make you  look like a diva on any of your wedding functions.
When it comes to picking the wedding lehenga, dont rush to a store to buy a readymade piece. What makes a wedding lehenga more attractive than the design is its cut. More and more brides are opting for a custom made lahenga that is only made for them. When it comes to the design, the stone work it out. It is more about the royal look with ethnic work like Sheesha, zari and dabka.
And, do not forget to pick something in this season’s hot colours like peachy pink, tiffany blue emerald green or corals. You don’t have to wear a red. And even if you want to play safe and go with the red, there are shades available.
Some brides who dare to experiment on the wedding days are even dumping lehenga and opting to wear a full-length beautiful Anarkali suits with embroidery on churidaar.
As far as the groom’s costume goes, please discard the Western body suit and get into a nice achkan or sherwani. You have to look good as a couple so why not match your attire with that of the bride. You don’t have to wear a uniform but how about matching the colour with bride’s Pallu or taking a cue from the shade of her lehenga. So when you enter, everyone receives you as a couple not as two separate entities.

The Make-up
Shannon Mann
Cofounder, Pink Orchid Studio

It is a very exciting time for hair and makeup styles for today’s modern South Asian Bride!  Whether you are a minimalist having a destination wedding beachside or your want a regal look reminiscent of a maharani, the options are endless!  There is no such thing as too little or too much, it all depends on the bride and her personal style when it comes to the impression she wants to make. We do have some general rules when it comes to deciding on what works for HER.
When she looks back on her pictures, will she be happy with them 10 years from now? We try to encourage brides to stay away from trends that may not have staying power.  Will she be happy with ombre hair in her images?  Does she really want to wear purple glitter on her eyelids?  The key to bridal looks is to keep the look timeless.
Makeup techniques have advanced, with the introduction of contour, highlighting, mink lashes, glitter, etc.  If dramatic makeup is the brides main focus, keeping the hair sleek and simple is a great combination to this look so there aren’t too many competing elements for attention. If the hair is too ornate alongside the makeup or vice versa, it is possible to cross the line from timeless to tacky.
You don’t have to wear red on your wedding day.  There are a lot of different options for fabrics, colour combination, and embroidery for your wedding day.  Think of the location of your wedding, the venue, and also what flatters your skin tone, whether its pastels or jewel tones, there is no colour that is off limits.


Davi Bains Gill
Designer/owner Armaan DGB

Please do not flaunt your grandma’s yellow gold on the wedding day. It looks good in bank lockers. As wedding are getting grand so is the look of the bride. To make it more royal go for more designer jewellery that compliments your lahenga. Quality real looking jaddau work is totally in. Even if you want to go for gold, go for designer gold jewellery.



Wedding Destinations
Pardip Narwal
Event Planner – Big Phat Indian Weddings

Wedding Destinations are vastly changing from couples here in Vancouver. Before, Destination Weddings meant flying to Cancun, Mexico to have your wedding with your nearest and dearest.  We are finding the latest trends in that destinations are starting to change from travelling with passports, to travelling with your family on a road trip in BC.  We are called Beautiful British Columbia for a reason, right?  Destinations that are close enough, yet far enough to call it a Destination Wedding include but aren’t limited to Okanagan, Kelowna, Penticton, Squamish, Whistler, Victoria and Osoyoos.
Couples are choosing venues and themes that are more modern and include the breathtaking views of BC, and ones that accommodate much less of a guest list.  We feel that couples are opting to cut their guest list to enjoy the most important day of their lives with their loved ones, oppose to inviting everyone they feel obligated to invite, hence a venue with a limited capacity helps, especially when trying to convince the parents to cut that neighbor you lived next to in India 30 years ago.

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