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His Father’s Business Sense, His Mother’s Caring Nature: Tahir Malik is the Best of Both Worlds

His Father’s Business Sense, His Mother’s Caring Nature: Tahir Malik is the Best of Both Worlds

Tahir Malik grew up in Gujranwala, Pakistan where he was the youngest sibling in his family.  His journey to becoming a Credit Counsellor is one that pairs drive, passion, experience, and perhaps a little bit of fate. He watched his father, a lawyer, use his strategic and persistent tactics to arrive at the best legal settlements for his clients. He also watched his mother, a teacher, act with her caring heart to create lasting bonds with her students. As your debt specialist Tahir Malik has the best of both world: a persistent negotiator who can get his clients the lowest rates from debt collectors, paired with a caring nature that drives him to genuinely help others and teach them how to budget their finances.

New Life Debt Solution was started in 2004 by Tahir’s older brother, Ahmad Malik, with a vision to help people get a fresh start. Debt is an all-encompassing financial problem that drives people into a spiral of hopelessness and financial turmoil. When Tahir saw how Ahmad was changing people’s lives, he was motivated to do the same. The company is based on treating people as family members who need financial help rather than an investment. “There is a genuine satisfaction you get from being able to help people get back on track” Tahir comments. “We have the tools and the know-how to get people out of debt and it is our passion to continue doing so every day,” he adds.

Tahir is experienced in handing credit/visa debts, ICBC/student loans, GST accounts, money mart debts and much more.  New Life Debt solutions is licensed to provide all debt services including counselling all within their office. They even go further to provide referrals where needed. Unlike other debt solution companies, they are a multi-province conglomerate with offices in BC, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and Montreal. They have the big brand credibility paired with their person-focused service which is what allows clients to put their full trust in them. With plans to open up an office in each province in Canada, they are fulfilling their goal of constantly bettering themselves in every year of business.

What sets New Life Debt solutions apart is that they are dedicated to providing long-term financial stability for their clients. New Life negotiates with creditors on behalf of clients, creates budgets, provides financial counselling and strategically deals with each client to ensure on going stability. It may be surprisingly to learn that if a client comes to their office with debt problems two years after obtaining services, Tahir will help them for free. New Life Debt Solution clients are genuinely seen as family members rather than “clients.” This is a rarity and shows how do not simply want to pocket money, but rather they do everything in their power to help people be successful with their finances. Their aim and their speciality is debt restricting in a manner to build up people’s credibility so later they can get car loans, mortgages, etc.

“Helping people out, seeing happiness on their faces because of what we can do for them is what fuels me. Seeing a $1500 monthly payment and using our skills to bring it down to $200 is what makes me want to continue. It’s seeing families create a savings, have money for their kids’ educations, buy a house—that’s what makes my job worthwhile.”

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