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Highway dhabas in India: Your best bet to satisfy your gut

Highway dhabas in India: Your best bet to satisfy your gut

It is that time of the year, when many of you would be travelling to hometowns in India. Most of those, going to Punjab from New Delhi Airport, travel by GT Karnal road. Travelling is always fun and so is the food while moving along the road. It is amazing to see the changing demography, weather, people and cuisines on the way, so much so that you feel like capturing every moment as it is. But accept it, the aroma of the food covering the air when passing by a highway dhaba, is what kicks you right on and make you come out of the jet lag. It is one thing that stops you from comparing the goodness of living in Canada and how Indian system disappoints you every time you travel by the road.

Yes! The delicious dhaba food, brings all the forgotton tastes back. There are 100s of dhabas along the highway that serve you fresh and tasty food. But here is the list of some of the most famous and must try dhabas on your way.

  1. AMrik Sukhdev Dhaba, Murthal

You just cannot ignore this classy place situated on GT Road, Murthal NH 1. Once a small shack catering to the appetite of truck drivers who ply on these roads, Sukhdev Dhaba or the Amrik Sukhdev Dhaba is now a serious affair. A tall, well-maintained AC building is what stands instead of the thatched-hay shack, serving sumptuous Indian as well as Chinese cuisine to the starving travellers who make sure to stop nowhere else but here. Amritsari Kulcha and aaloo paratha with tongue slurping white butter is the delight of Sukhdev… The taste and the feel are just unforgettable!

Where: 52, 250 KM Stone, G.T Road, Murthal, New Delhi

  1. Haveli, Karnal

If you are a haveli lover, you would love to visit Haveli in Karnal. Beautifully done, this haveli is bound to leave you mersmerised and if that’s not enough, the food will compel you to keep heading back for more. The menu offers a range of options, from Dal Makhani to Stuffed Paranthas and Lassi, where each and everything is made with love. Also do not forget to try their Jalebis. The charpais and local dance performances are bound to make your weekend getaway just perfect.
Where: GT Road, Karnal

Puran Singh Da Dhaba, Near Ambala City, NH 1

This one’s a perfect haven for non-vegetarian lovers. This dhaba is known for its Keema Kaleji, Kebab, Chicken Curry and Mutton Curry with kadak Tandoori Roti. It may not have a fancy ambience, but it is surely a perfect bet for a hearty meal. Many replicas of the dhaba have been opened nearby, but you can easily recognise the original one; the crowd says it all. Also, the original one gets closed by 4:00 pm.

Where: Ambala Cantonment

Gulshan Dhaba, Sonipat

Boasting themselves to be the curators of traditional and authentic north Indian food, Gulshan Dhaba is another player in the list of famous dhabas on Chandigarh-Delhi highway. With modern sitting arrangements and cleaner toilets, this dhaba serves delicious parantha, chana masala, paneer dishes and economical thalis.You can even enjoy beer here with some knick- knack snacks.

Must Try: Try their butter coated stuffed paratha with extra dullop of butter on it with raita and dal

Where: GT Road, Murthal, Sonipat, Haryana

Pehalwan Dhaba

Another Murthal star dhaba on the Chandigarh-Delhi Highway is the Pehalwan Dhaba that serves delicious north Indian food round the clock. The dhaba is super economical and will nurse your platter in a best way if you are on the gastronomical agenda while at your layover.

Must Try: Try their various tandoori paranthas and lassi that will satiate your hunger pangs

Where: Murthal, Haryana

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