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Harj Nagra: Local Music Producer With International Fame

Harj Nagra: Local Music Producer With International Fame

When you’re dancing along to your favourite modern Punjabi hit, the master behind the music magic may be local music producer Harj Nagra. The Surrey born talent was a part of many popular songs such as: “Range Rover” “DIl Vaarda” “Aish” and many more. Find out what he had to say in his exclusive interview with Desi Today.

Could you explain exactly what a music producer/composer does?

A music producer/composer basically has the most important job to create a song. Without them a song can’t really see the light of day. These days the word “producer” is thrown around loosely, but a real music producer is the one creating the song from scratch. They are the one composing the music/melody, arranging everything, recording the vocalist for the track etc. If you listen to a song without vocals, everything you hear in that track is created by the music producer.

What made you get into the music industry? Is it something you already dreamt of doing or did the idea come later in your life?

I’ve always had an interest in music from a young age. Growing up, I’ve been fortunate to be surrounded by big name artists in the punjabi industry such as Sukshinder Shinda, Jazzy B etc. I’ve been able to learn a lot from these guys and they are always there giving me advice. I started producing music when I was 16 as a hobby and learnt everything I could by myself. Everyday after school I would spend countless hours in my home studio, forgetting what the time was or sometimes even to eat. I was passionate about making music and everyday has been a learning process. Only when I knew I was ready 5 6 years later did I release my first single in 2013 titled “Dil Vaarda”.


Who is your favourite artist that you’ve worked with so far and why?

So far it has to be Sukshinder Shinda, because growing up as a kid he would take me to the studio with him whenever I’m in england and I would just watch him work. Then few years later I’m able to say I have done tracks with him and we are continuing to work together which has been an amazing feeling that not many people can say.

In your opinion who are the top 3 people in music right now and why?

I would have to say the top 3 people in the industry right now (In no order)

Jazzy B, Diljit & Dr.Zeus. If you turn on the radio or are at a wedding, party, etc. You would definitely be hearing their songs playing many times.

What are some challenges you’ve had to overcome in the industry?

Being one of the younger artists in the industry I have faced many challenges throughout my music career. As people or even other artists didn’t take me serious at first or questioned my credibility or what I bring to the table. However I never let that affect me and continued with proving people wrong with my work. I try to express myself in any possible way I can creatively, whether it be in music or acting.

Do you have any messages you would like to give to our readers (especially those who want to pursue a career in the music industry)?

Yes: don’t be discouraged by any challenges that you may face in anything you do or people telling you no. If you are passionate about something, pursue it. However you have to put in the work. Nothing happens overnight.


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