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Halloween Special: True Scary Stories

Halloween Special: True Scary Stories

We have collected the scariest, creepiest, most bone-chilling stories for you for this Halloween! We talked to our readers and have created a collection of stories and photos that either belong to them have been passed down from people we actually know. Disclaimers: yes, these are all true stories; yes they are very disturbing. So grab your flashlight and your s’mores and let us welcome you to your go-to spooky story telling article for every Halloween occasion!


This is literally the scariest thing that’s ever happened to me and I have no idea how to explain it. I don’t know how to get it out of my head.

About a year ago, I had an assignment with my photography class where we had to take a bunch of nature shots. No one had time to go out to take a trip overnight with me and I had camped so many times with my family before so I decided to go on my own. A few people warned me that at the camp site I was going to but I never really believed in ghosts or spirits or anything. The story goes that a young girl was being tormented by a stalker who became obsessed with her. He would follow her, photograph her and show up to her school. She asked for a restraining order but the police did not take the case to seriously. One day, her and her family went on a camping trip. The man followed the girl and mutilated her in her sleep. Stories say she still roams the camp site.

Again, I don’t believe in this stuff. I set up a small clearing and I made sure it was where no one else goes because people’s footsteps and voices would scare away the animals of the campsite. I filled up four rolls of film. It was a quiet night.

I went home the next day to my dark room to develop the pictures. When I got to my last roll of film, I saw something I’ll never forget. Pictures I never took. Of myself.



I was applying to Med school and I was really behind on my volunteer experience. I was desperate to take any place that would give me a lot of hours in a short period of time. There was a mental asylum about 40 minutes from my house and it was the only place that would take in me in so quickly. I had heard stories about a lot of brutal murders taking place but I was sure nothing could happen to me because there was so much security with the volunteers. And I thought they were probably just stories people told.

It was hard adjusting there at first, but I quickly began to really care for a lot of the patients. They all had such heartbreaking stories and they were truly just like me at their core. But there was one woman there that I just couldn`t seem to have a normal conversation. 56-year-old Yecats. There was always something a little off about her. She would just say the strangest things and I just overall got such a weird vibe from her. She told me that she had always had an alcohol problem but still wanted to take her favourite people to a place called “RedRum.” She said she had taken many people from the asylum to RedRum and that she had such a pleasant time.

One day I went to room 156 where she stayed and she really freaked me out. She kept insisting she take me to RedRum. I will never forget she came right up close to my face (like literally a centimetre away from my face) and laughed. She smiled and slowly turned her head and right to my eyes she said “I’m taking you to RedRum today.”

I left the room as quickly as I could and went to my volunteer coordinator. I told him I wasn’t comfortable taking care of Yecats anymore. And that’s when I found out. That’s when every “normal” thing I knew about life changed.

He told me there was no patient named Yecats. I told her there must be a mistake because Yecats is in room 156 and I had been talking to her for weeks. Confused, he told me there has not been a patient there since Stacey Kipper died last year. What I learned about Stacey Kipper and what I realized about what had happened to me, I will never share with anyone close to me. I knew if I did they’d just put me in the mental asylum with all the other patients. It just too unbelievable. I mean I wouldn’t believe it if someone told me.

Stacey Kipper had a really bad drinking problem and was really violent when she drank. She blamed everyone she could on her drinking problem and would rage at anyone in her path. One day Stacey Kipper hung herself. People close to her said the drinking made Stacey do a lot of violent things and made Stacey do a lot of strange things as well. The first thing I found out what was that she often spelled her name backwards. “Yecats”.

Yecats is Stacey.

That’s not even the worst part. It was at the moment I finally understood. My heart literally stopped. I remembered her face, her slow turning smile. That smile will never leave my mind. I now understood what she meant by taking me to “RedRum.”


Google Maps
She was the girl who never wanted to be seen. But someone made a mistake. A big mistake. If you type in the following coordinates into Google Maps and zoom in and you’ll see what happened to her. What did Google accidentally document?

Coordinates: 52.376552,5.198303 (Beatrixpad, 1312 Almere, Netherlands)



I will never ever forget this story. It happened over 10 years ago but I still remember and it and tell it to all my friends. I was 16 at the time and babysitting for my uncle’s friend who had one 4-year-old daughter. At around 8pm she starting arguing with me about having to go to bed, she asked me why she had to go to sleep and I said “it’s time for little girls to get a good night’s rest.” I will never forget, she pointed across the room to the edge of her and said “What about that that little girl?”


Baby Monitor

When my daughter was first born, it was a really stressful time for me and my wife. She became really stressed out so I started working from home to help support her. One day, I was working and I put the baby monitor beside me and I heard “go to sleep, go to sleep” in a lullaby voice. I kept on doing my work, thinking nothing of it. Hours later, I saw my wife’s car pull up in the driveway.. I ran to the nursery and saw that no one was there except my baby girl. My wife of course thought I was just hearing things. I work for an IT company so I had already connected baby monitor to our house’s surveillance system. I ran to the main computer and I played the baby monitor loop back. “Go to sleep, go to sleep.” Played over and over. My wife and I looked at each other and we had no idea what to do. When I first heard it in my office, It sounded sweet and soothing but now it sounded off. Very off. “Go to sleep, go to sleep” it still plays in my mind when I let my thoughts wonder. Where did it come from? I’ve played it for everyone I know and no one knows how to respond to it. I don’t believe in ghosts or spirits but I will never delete the sound clip I had. Some days it will drive me insane. The most unsettling part is is, my baby is now 2-years-old and whenever I play the sound clip, she’ll slowly turn her head and smile. I know my sweet baby girl and I know her sweet smile and I can’t explain it in the right words, but that smile she makes when she hears it, the “go to sleep, go to sleep” that’s not my baby girl’s smile. And she always smiles right at me.



I never thought that I would be the type to believe in ghosts or anything paranormal. But then again I never thought anything like this could happen to me.

About two years ago, my family and I moved into a new house. My brother’s friend told us stories that the house we were going to move into was haunted. I, of course, thought it was all made up. The story goes that the family who lived in the house before us was a single mom with two twins: a boy and girl. The mom was really overwhelmed and stressed out because her bills were piling up and she had debt collection workers calling her daily. One day, the mom was giving the babies a bath before she started work. She stepped out of the bathroom for just a moment to answer the phone but when she got back, she saw both babies floating face down in the water. They both drowned.

After the mother reported seeing reflections of the babies in every room that she went. At first she found it comforting to see her sweet babies again. But soon, she noticed something was off about them. For hours they would watch her. After some time, the mother eventually moved out of the house because she couldn’t take it anymore.

“They’re watching you” my brother’s friends would tease. For weeks, he would tell me that they’re following everything I do and it just got to a point where it was annoying. For weeks he would tell me that the little boy and girl are still living in my room and watching everything I did. As time went on, he finally stopped making comments and I finally settled into the house. Soon, I had forgotten he had even told me the story.

Then on the first day of school, I decided to take a picture of myself on my phone. I accidentally left the flash on for the first one but I didn’t delete it. I was showing my friend at school the pictures that I took and that’s when I noticed it. Their faces. Watching me.










I remember in my first year of teaching a lot of my co-workers were getting laid off so I tried my best to make a good impression on the principal. He would often stay well after school hours doing work so I got into the habit of leaving when he did. One day he had already left for the day but I had a lot of marking to do so I decided to stay. It was already 6:00pm but I had to have the grade 12’s final grades into the system by the next morning by 7:00am.

I decided to go to the teachers’ lounge and have some coffee while I finished marking. To my surprise, no one was in the school, even the janitors had gone home for the evening. It was close to 10:00pm and I was sitting alone when I was finally on the last exam. That’s when I started hearing knocking at the door. I was really startled at first but assumed it was a janitor that had come in. Just to be cautious, I decided to peak through the hole to see who it was but all I could see was red. I yelled “is anyone there?” and I didn’t get a response. I decided I must have just had too much coffee so II decided I must have just made up the knocking. I look again into the peephole and again just saw red. I sat back down and 10 minutes later I marked the last exam and went home.

The next day I decided to tell one of the teachers of what happened the night before. Mr. Gray, the older janitor still working at the school, overheard part of the story he stopped me and told us both a myth of the school back in the day. He told the teachers of the ghost that haunted that school

The other teacher, very intrigued, asked what the ghost looked like.

Mr. Gray explained: The ghost was all white with one distinct feature, that everyone who supposedly has seen her, remembered: her red bloody eyes.



You’ll notice a computer cursor in this picture. That’s because it is a picture I took off of my phone of surveillance footage from a computer. I used to work as a security guy for a hotel company. At around midnight on night I received complaints from a couple who had been staying with us. They said they saw a little girl in their room and thought we had double-booked them. They went to apologize for leaving their bags and that’s when they knew something was off. They swore to me that as they were leaving the room, the child was hanging from the roof. As requested, I checked the security camera. That’s when I saw it. My manager immediately told me to delete the footage. I didn’t know what to do. I said to call the police or I don’t know, do something. He ordered me to delete it. I couldn’t just get rid of it. I couldn’t leave it like that. So I took a picture. I don’t know what else to do but show everyone I know. Who is this girl? What’s her story? What was happening? I still keep in contact with the couple who showed it to me. They still see her when they close their eyes.

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