May, 2020

Guilty Plea in Maple Batalia Murder Case gives Batalia Family an Ounce of Deserving Justice

The Batalia family have been waiting four long years to get justice for the cruel and senseless murder of their beloved 19-year old daughter, Maple Batalia. Since the night the tragic event took place, there have been many delays and false starts to the trial for her murder, but today they are finally getting a little piece of the justice they deserve.

Batalia’s ex boyfriend Gurjinder “Gary” Dhaliwal has PLEAD GUILTY to second-degree murder charges on the opening day of his trial. Dhaliwal has admit to firing five shots at Batalia, of which three hit Maple in the SFU parkade on the night of Sept. 28/2011. Dhaliwal also admit to slashing Batalia with a knife; an autopsy shows she had 11 cuts on her head. 

The Crown and defence have asked for a life sentence in prison with no parole for 21 years.

Defence lawyers had asked that he be sentenced today, but the Batalia family has requested they delay the sentencing until Monday so Maple’s sister is able to fly back into Vancouver for the hearing.

The trial is expected to continue next week.

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