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By Dhiraj Khatri

Summers are a critical time. The heat takes away all our energy and the day drags on. With hardly any zest left to work, exercise is one thing we clearly steer off from summers. But there is one thing we find solace in and that’s water. So why not splash in the water and get fit!!

Water aerobics or Aqua Aerobics is a form of aerobic exercise where activity is done not on the ground but in a water pool where water is used as resistance. The working out against the buoyancy of water multiplies the effect
of exercise, while the same time, water with its calming effects, relaxes the body.

Water aerobics are opted for two main reasons, first, to complement and enhance your regular training and exercise and second, to assist in rehabilitation and recovery from hard training or a serious injury.

With the benefits of any standard exercise, the use of water in water aerobics supports the body and reduces the risk of muscle or joint injury. The mitigation of the gravity by floatation places less stress on the joints when stretching and can allow a greater range of motion. It has a great scope for the people who are suffering from several joint problems such as Arthritis or other joint injuries, as the pull of the gravity and the hard surface don’t come into play.

Various rehabilitation programs are also done through water aerobics. Many sports specific and plyometric workouts are also planned and done to enhance the performance of sports persons through water aerobics.

For those thinking they don’t know how to swim, it’s not necessary that one should learn swimming before doing the activity as the water is not deep. But a proper swim wear is required for safety, life jackets must be arranged in case of need.

Though water aerobics can be performed without a trainer if you are comfortable without a trainer if you are comfortable inside the water,” It is advisable to have supervision of an expert while performing any specific activity.
So get out and go skinny dipping!!

Various drop-in classes are offered at Surrey’s six indoor pools. Drop-in and stay active and engaged.
NSRC North Surrey Recreation Centre,
NRC Newton Recreation Centre,
SSLC Surrey Sport & Leisure Aquatics,
SSIP South Surrey Indoor Pool,
GRC Guildford Recreation Centre, and GHAC Grandview Heights Aquatic Centre.

Dhiraj Khatri is a certified personal trainer (Canfitpro) specializing in weight lose and strength conditioning. He coaches people to understand and live a healthy life

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