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For a liveable, sustainable Surrey

For a liveable, sustainable Surrey

Surrey’s mayor shares her vision for the city

From Mayor Linda Hepner

As Mayor, I am steadfastly committed to building a city for smart, sustainable growth not just for the present but also for the future. It is not an understatement when I say that Surrey is a city rich with exciting opportunities.

With a diverse and vibrant population of over 530,000 people, the City of Surrey is evolving and establishing itself as the leading metropolitan centre South of the Fraser. We are attracting 2,000 new companies each year including regional headquarters, as well as national and multinational companies looking to set up shop. In 2015, Surrey recorded the second-highest value in development in the city’s history with $1.46 billion in construction – second only to 2007, when there was $1.49 billion in development.

Mayor Hepner Official Photo 2016As our city continues to grow and expand, it is more important than ever that we ensure we have the transportation infrastructure to move our people and businesses around in a timely and efficient manner. That is why I have made it a top priority to bring Light Rail Transit to Surrey and South of the Fraser. Both the Federal and Provincial Governments are on board in significant and creative ways that help make the financial numbers work. In addition, while we’ve been waiting for the final go ahead, we haven’t been sitting idle. Design, planning and costing have all been going on diligently behind the scenes as we work towards the green light to begin construction on the project.

We are always looking on how we can best develop and implement public policy initiatives to ensure we continue to grow in a thoughtful and relevant way. A measure of our success can be seen by the connections between our neighbourhoods, businesses, town centres and most importantly, our people. Together, we are all part of something truly special as we work collectively to achieve great outcomes for the Surrey of today and the Surrey of the future.

With the collective hard work and support of our residents, businesses, and community leaders, Surrey is destined for a bright and prosperous future. As we continue the forward momentum of Surrey, we must always be looking for opportunities to intelligently innovate and put the best technologies to work in our city.  Council and I take tremendous pride in what we do, and we remain firmly committed to building a progressive, liveable and sustainable city for all who live, work and play in Surrey.

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