August, 2020

Desi Today Readers Share Secret Skin Care Tips

Tired of watching a product advertisement promising better skin and purchasing it only to find it makes no difference to your face? We bring you something better than what any product advertiser can give you: real people who have really tried these products/tricks. Desi Today readers sent in their best secrets for flawless skin! Read, try and enjoy!

Skin type: Normal
Secrets: When I asked my dermatologist friend what her secret is to great skin were she replied with “retinol, retinol, retinol!” And, oh my god, was she right! To this day, I tell all my friends to try it. It will make all the difference with your skin.
– Meghan Sidhu

Skin type: Regular-Dry.
Secrets: When my face feels more dry than usual, I use Vichy Nutrilogie . But day to day I just use baby wash. I do lush masks like once a month. I like to exfoliate like every third day (which helps a LOT). My skin is pretty good acne-wise but I get a lot of blackheads! Biore strips are my holy grail for blackheads. I do them once every 2 months. If you have blackheads, they are your solution!
– Davnita Changra

Skin type: All
Secret: I spent hundreds of dollars investing in expensive eye creams and I didn’t find that one was any better than the other. Worse than that, I learned that there were many harmful chemicals in them. My aunt (who has amazing skin and barely any wrinkles under her eyes) told me her secret: homemade under eye cream. She told me to mix 5 scoops of vitamin \E oil with 5 gel cvaps of evening primrose oil and mix it up into a container. I’ve been using this every day for a year and I noticed such a difference! Best of all: it’s organic and cheap!
– Tanpreet Sandhu

Skin type: Dry
Secrets: When I used to put foundation on it would look a bit cakey and I hated that. A friend told me to put a light coat of Oil of Olay’s SPF lotion and let it dry a little bit before I put my makeup on. This saved my skin! It made my makeup go on flawlessly.
– Taren Grewal

Skin type: Normal (Oily in the Summer, Dry in the Winter)
Secrets: I use this face line I brought from my hydra facial place it’s called Zo-medical. It just consists of face wash, toner and exfoliate. The Clarsonic is amazing (Zo medical). It’s for acne skin but it’s made a big difference for me.
– Kiran Gill

Skin type: Combination
Secrets: The best product I’ve ever used for my face is coconut oil! Overnight I put coconut oil around my eyes and lips for strengthening the skin and eyelashes. Eucerin for your lips is also amazing. It’s not addictive for your lips so a little goes a long way. I have combination skin so I wash my face with baby shampoo because it’s very gentle and it’s an amazing cleanser. I’ve been doing this for months with amazing results!
– Manveen Bajwa

Skin Type: Normal/Combination
Secrets: I have a fantastic 3-step regimen that works wonders for me. I use coconut oil to remove makeup, rose water to tone, and F.A.B cleanser. Try it even once and you’ll see a difference! I also just started using bio oil to help with hyper pigmentation
– Madina Tabesh

Skin type: Combination-Oily/Acne Prone.
Secrets: After a lot of trial-and-error- I found that some products that worked for me are Dr Belter line A- lotion, Rejuvenating Cleanser and Mask (once a week after exfoliating with St Ives apricot scrub or Clarasonic). My main skin habits include: hydrafacial ever few months, always wash face before going to bed and exfoliate at least 2x weekly. This helps me a lot! I also use Neutrogena all-in-one wipes to remove makeup which works amazingly well!
– Gagan Bains

Skin type: Combination/Oily.
Secrets: My holy grail products are Eminence and Mush products. I find with my skin the more natural I keep it the better it is. I use salt scrub exfoliate and Eminence Stone Crop Facial Wash. I have problem skin but honestly it’s all diet. The more unhealthy, I eat the worse my skin is. Water keeps my skin clear. The more hydrated I am the better my skin is! Water make all the difference.
– Samantha Ram

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