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Click Lounge is back!

Click Lounge is back!

Click – to fit together; function well together; to succeed; make a hit; to become intelligible. Lounge – place to relax, hang out and have fun.

Well-known, successful marketing entrepreneur and pop culture maven Rina Gill will host a panel of South Asian women in a weekly talk show to discuss hot topics, local issues, beauty, fashion, politics, work-life balance, parenthood, and celebrity gossip and all other issues related to women. This show caters to “today’s women” and will reach the 18-45 year old age demographic.
Click Lounge will air on Sur Sagar TV every Wednesday evening from 7pm-8pm PST in BC (10pm-11am EST in Ontario) and episodes will also be available through podcasts on the Sur Sagar YouTube channel and the Click Lounge website.

Co-hosts: Media personality Mandeep Patrola, Communications expert Pardeep Sahota & rotating guest hosts

Rina grew up practically glued to the television set. She was fascinated by a variety of programs from  children’s shows to shows geared towards adults. She was especially fond of television commercials and while most people used the commercial in between for a washroom or snack break, Rina stayed in front of the television watching every single detail. At that time, most local commercials were done poorly and only a few were considered brilliant which were usually the big brand names who had advertising agencies producing their commercials. This was her first introduction to the world of advertising.

Rina completed post-secondary education with a degree in Marketing Communications degree and a Creative Advertising Diploma. She interned at a large advertising agency in Toronto while working part-time in the national marketing department of a huge tele-com company. She landed a job at a boutique advertising agency fresh out of school and until this day, it has been one of the most memorable experiences of her life.

Rina’s passion for advertising and marketing has steadily increased over the years; in fact she often says that she’s fallen even deeper in love with the industry. This passion has allowed her to delve into other areas of interest with full confidence. Rina is now self-employed as a marketing consultant and has worked with a variety of clients from small businesses to large corporate clients. She has volunteered with many non-profit organizations and prides herself as a community volunteer. In 2008, Rina ran for Surrey City Council and missed a seat by 1 spot with 18,888 votes.  Nevertheless, Rina has continued to work hard in the community since then and pursue her plethora of interests.

In an effort to give South Asian women of all ages a platform to discuss hard-hitting topics and light-hearted topics at the same time, Rina started exploring the idea of developing a talk show. Inspirations of the time included Oprah and The View talk show which was hosted by Barbara Walters and a few co-hosts. There was a “hot” topics discussion on a daily basis and brought in a variety of guests.

Ideally, Rina would’ve loved to make it multicultural with women from all different ethnicities on the panel, however the South Asian community was a good starting point because although there are a lot of talk shows out there, none of them followed this format. South Asian women of all ages need a voice but in an environment that encourages sisterhood and open discussion/debates. Rina was prepared to work hard to make this happen.

In 2010, Rina’s idea of Click Lounge came into fruition when Shushma-ji offered her a timeslot for a weekly radio show on RJ1200. Although Click Lounge was a concept meant for TV, Rina took a chance with radio to get “her feet wet” as a talk show host. The experience proved to be invaluable and helpful in many ways. It wasn’t long before Rina was ready to record her first demo which went well but unfortunately business and personal priorities came into play and Rina had to put her dream on hold temporarily.

Fast forward to April 2014, Rina is bringing Click Lounge to the television airwaves through Sur Sagar TV. This opportunity has proven to Rina that perseverance is important in anything you are passionate about. With an amazing support system backing her and all the determination in the world to make this project succeed, Click Lounge is back!

Click Lounge will air on Sur Sagar TV every Wednesday evening from 7pm-8pm PST (10pm-11pm EST) and episodes will also be available through podcasts online. There are two fabulous women joining Rina as co-hosts, Mandeep Patrola and Pardeep Sahota. You can watch them on Sur Sagar TV or click in at www.clicklounge.ca

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