July, 2020


A Bride’s Guide to Wedding Shopping in India

By Kamran Rahman Wedding shopping in India has become an increasingly popular alternative to shopping in Canada. For many women, shopping in India is more than buying things for their weddings, as the trip can be an adventure. There are added benefits of being able to go sightseeing and enjoy the perks of being a tourist. While brides find themselves …

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Best countries for a gap year

(NC) Taking a year off after high school or post-secondary can have many benefits for young people. For example, research shows that high school grads who take gap years before university or college are often more mature, more focused and attain higher GPAs when pursuing their post-secondary education. But to reap the benefits, it’s important to use a gap year …

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St Louis: The gem of mid-west America

By Surbhi Gogia The city of St. Louis has always grabbed attention for its very successful baseball team of Cardinals. However, this major US port built along the western bank of the Mississippi river is home to a lot more tourist attractions and wonderful expeditions that many are unaware of. For what was supposed to be just a small family …

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