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Baby 101: This Too Shall Pass

Many of you child-free folk may not know that along with becoming a parent, also comes the wonderful plethora of parenting advice. When my son was born I was bombarded with countless suggestions and guidelines as to what the “proper” practices of child rearing are.   Some things I took with a grain of salt, some words I repeat to ... Read More »

Love At First Swipe

How did you meet your significant other? Was it from mutual friends setting you up? Having a class together? Meeting at work? Over your cellphone? In the next couple of years we may see apps like Tinder become the Vetchola in many of our weddings. Everyone knows more than one person that uses Tinder. There has been a trend of ... Read More »

“Not Good Enough for my In-Laws”

I write this article with a heavy heart. I do not want to come off as a victim (I am far from it). I simply want to share what I experienced as a newlywed “westernized” Sikh girl who moved in with her “traditional” in-laws. Why the heavy heart? Simply, my experiences are not isolated. The more I speak to Sikh ... Read More »

Marriage Advice from 50+ Year old Couples

We asked couples who have been married for at least 50 years for any words of advice they could give younger couples on marriage. Translated. _____________________________ “Don’t get a divorce” “You have the option of a love marriage. We did not. So be very careful with your choice.” “The more quiet you are, the less your wife will scold you” ... Read More »

Lets Meet For Coffee: Joti’s Advice Column

We’ve all had a problem or two (or seven) that we just need to get off our chest. And what do we say when we have these overly stressful, life-altering situations that we must to talk over? Let’s meet for coffee! I now welcome you to my virtual coffee shop. Here I will answer some of your most pressing questions ... Read More »

Don’t Talk To Boys!…Why Aren’t You Married?

It seems as though just yesterday I was getting hour long lectures about why I shouldn’t even be looking twice at members from the opposite sex, let alone be caught dead talking to one. “This is not your age to be focusing on boys”, “Your priority should be school” “It doesn’t look good if you are seen talking to them ... Read More »

A hug a day keeps the doctor away

Real Human Connection… What does that even mean? Have we lost touch with each other? Do we have real connections anymore? What about real honest relationships? Are we afraid to be the real us in public or around our friends? Do we hide behind labels, societies rules or our own fears? Are we walking down the street afraid to strike ... Read More »

Digital infidelity leading to rise in marital discord?

Digital relationships are resulting in the collapse of family ties, it would seem. As more and more youngsters and newly-weds are logging on to e-relationships, family life appears to be indulging more and more in what is being called ‘digital infidelity’. The virus has apparently left many a couple looking for solutions and programmes to reboot their matrimonial life, said ... Read More »