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Joti’s Advice Column

Dear Joti, How do I make my boyfriend do romantic things without me asking for them? How can we get what we want without communicating it? We rarely ever do and that’s why you have to say something! You can tell your boyfriend that romantic gestures are important to you in a relationship and let him take it from there. ... Read More »

“Show Me Your Phone!”

By Amrita Lit The other day I was wandering around downtown Vancouver with my husband and baby. A little bit up the street from us I saw a woman visibly upset and shouting at her boyfriend or husband. He was attempting to comfort her and calm her down but he wasn’t having much luck. She was super angry and kept ... Read More »

5 Times You Must Get Out Of Your Relationship

By Amrita Lit We all know of relationships in which everyone but those involved can see this couple is just not right for each other. Yet these two individuals cling on to one another. Be it for comfort, familiarity, fear of the unknown, or just because they’re too damn lazy to do anything about their unhappiness. Perhaps it’s the case that ... Read More »

Is Your Mother Facing An Addiction? The Indian Drama Debacle

By Amrita Lit Have you noticed your mother acting different lately? Using less English, and more dramatic Punjabi or Hindi dialogue? Are they picking fights and seeing issues where they don’t exist? Well perhaps they have fallen victim to the Hindi-Drama-Apocalypse. It’s happening right in your homes and will reach its peak when you least expect it. At first it’ll ... Read More »

The Tinder Phenomenon

By Amrita Lit A couple years ago the concept of online dating was reserved for those considered “second tier” in the dating world. A stigma surrounded popular websites in which people secretly and light heartedly signed up in order to “just see what’s out there.” But now, a new social media application which sole purpose is to use an online ... Read More »

Top 10 Creative Local Places To Take Your Date

Exit Canada 15345 BC-10, Surrey BC For all adventurous couples, step into a 5-D real life mystery! You and your partner will work together using clues and riddles to get yourselves out of a locked room. Choose between: The Psychiatric Unit, Antique Museum, a Cabin, and even a  Military Base. The perfect date option for the couple that wants to ... Read More »

A Sikh Dating A Muslim

“You can marry any man you want – as long as he’s Muslim.” This warning was issued to me and my sister, by our parents, at an early age. Most children accept such nonsense without question. I’m ashamed to say I did, too, even though I was struck by the dissonance between the parental caution and the fact that nothing ... Read More »

“There Are No Good Guys!”

I hear it all day long, and I myself am guilty of uttering the same words: “There are no good guys in Vancouver!” I have had the pleasure of growing up in the UK, spent 14 years in Vancouver, and recently made a move to sunny California and find myself saying a similar thing here…”Where do all the good guys ... Read More »

Let’s Meet For Coffee: Joti’s Advice Column

Dear Joti, I’ve been dating this guy for about 6 months and I recently noticed that he doesn’t put any pictures of us on his social media: there are none on his Instagram, Facebook, or anything. I made a comment about it and he sort of made a joke and said it wasn’t on purpose. A month later (after we ... Read More »