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Catch them young

By Deepak Gill Mind, body and soul; is the essence of yoga. Although centuries old, there are several questions that continue to linger about yoga and most importantly its benefits.  Firstly, it is important to understand that yoga is for everyone. It does not discriminate against age, fitness level or any other pertinent factors that one may think will preclude ... Read More »

Enjoy Pokémon Go Responsibly

Although the mobile game Pokémon Go is not officially available in Canada, many people have managed to load and enjoy the game on their smartphones before its official release. Pokémon Go is a combination of classic Pokémon themes and characters combined with geocaching, augmented reality, and social themes. Players utilize smartphone/GPS technology, travelling to different geographic locations in order to capture Pokémon and ... Read More »

The good, the bad and Surrey

Deepak Gill, Probation Officer at Surrey East Community Corrections, moved from Victoria to Surrey. She shares how a larger chunk of Surrey youth which is bright and sensitive is carrying the burden of few bad guys involved in gang violence Born and raised in Victoria, BC, my experience as a youth was quite different than the youth in Surrey B.C. ... Read More »

My life as a Surrey youth

Parabjot Kaur Singh, Board Member of Punjabi Language Education Association, was brought up in Surrey. In an email interview with Surbhi Gogia she talks about her growing up days and the bias people have towards the city she loves How was it to be born and growing up in Surrey – a city that has always been target of media ... Read More »

They mean business

Teens and early 20s are the years full of fun, frolic and friends. These are the years when most youngsters are just exploring their lives and start contemplating what they want to achieve. However, there are a few bright minds who by this time not only achieve their goals but become a role model for their community. The Surrey Board ... Read More »

Lights, Camera and ‘Shooting’ in Surrey

Young students from Surrey fed up with media stereotypes have shot powerful films about their real lives By Surbhi Gogia Thirteen students from Princess Margret High School have redefined the word ‘shooting’ in context of Surrey. It is has nothing to do with gangs, guns and drugs.  It is related to lights, camera and action. The young students were trained ... Read More »

Surrey youth: Beyond gangs and guns

By Surbhi Gogia The brighter side of the Surrey youth hardly gets any attention due to the stereotypical image that has dominated media headlines for decades Gangs, drugs and gun violence is the first and sometimes only image that dominates the mind of majority of Canadians when they think of young generation from Surrey, the suburban city of Metro Vancouver area. ... Read More »

Ontario Sikh genocide motion defeated

THE World Sikh Organization of Canada said on Thursday that it is deeply disappointed by the Ontario Liberal Government’s vote against a motion recognizing the November 1984 attacks on Sikhs as a genocide. NDP Deputy Leader Jagmeet Singh had introduced a Private Members’ Motion reading, “That, in the opinion of this House, the Government of Ontario should recognize the November ... Read More »