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Keep young minds active

When school year comes to a close, the task of filling long, summer days lies ahead. To keep young minds alert and engaged, parents may be tempted to hand out worksheets and flashcards, but UBC education professors say there are better ways to nurture children’s learning over the summer. Foster literacy skills You can infuse literacy into children’s summer activities, and ... Read More »

Facebook: Neither Good Nor Evil

Social media has become a hot topic in recent years. When it was first unveiled, Myspace and later Facebook were hailed as innovative. People flocked to join and become apart of this new trend. Recently these social media sites have been blamed for suicides caused by bullying among adolescents, as well a tendency for people to actually become less social. ... Read More »

2016: The Year Of Our Daughters’ Lohri

This past Lohri may seem to pass uniformly with its typical grand celebration and zeal like any other year. However, we have found that this January the 15th brought out something very notable within our community: equality. Lohri is traditionally a holiday used to celebrate the birth of a son in the family (most famously, the first born son by ... Read More »

Does Your Birth Order Effect Your Personality?

Psychologists have come to a general consensus that you can predict certain traits about a person depending on their birth order. If you have heard of the “middle rebel child syndrome” you know exactly what we’re talking about and, to a certain extent, psychologists agree that the middle child stereotypes are in fact true. Read below to see how accurate ... Read More »

Robin Dhir: A Man With A Great Business Sense And An Even Greater Heart

Robin Dhir is master of many trades: he has made great feats in marketing, sales and communication. Dhir is a strategic advisor for Fasken Martineau, president of Twin Brook Developments and has held a director position for various organizations such as the Vancouver Board of Trade and Canada Place Corporation. He has received many highly-acclaimed awards such as a standing ... Read More »

What Common Dreams Mean

We have all woken up from a dream feeling awe-stricken, trying to search from memories in the past few days to make sense of why our subconscious may have conjured up the specific dream. We have done the research and we found your answers! Researchers, scholars and even psychologists as famous as Carl Jung have made claims about what these ... Read More »

December Horoscopes

Capricorn (Dec 22 – Jan 20) You’ve been getting more headaches lately because of stress and perhaps a lack of sleep. You need to take some time to yourself and get your body back where it needs to be! Try taking a few moments throughout the day to do some deep breathing or take up a relaxing activity such as ... Read More »

Do you smell that too? The Personal Hygiene Hiatus

By Amrita Lit Picture this – you’re in your weekly yoga class. The dim lights and peaceful environment has you feeling relaxed already. You set up your mat, take a sip of your water, and sit down in your first pose – legs crossed and eyes shut. And then you hear it – a woman near the front of the ... Read More »