September, 2019
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Indo-Pak border town Ferozepur’s iconic Raja Talkies shuts down

One of the oldest cinema houses of Punjab, which once attracted more cinemagoers from neighbouring Pakistan, has been shut down and its heritage property put on sale. The cinema, Dhani Ram Theatre, popular as Raja Talkies, was constructed in this border town in 1930. Over the years, the cinema hall weathered many a storm in its lifetime, including high entertainment ... Read More »

Why transition to high school puts some kids at risk of mental illness

The transition from elementary school to high school can be stressful. Like other major life changes, it can put children at greater risk for depression, anxiety and other psychiatric illnesses. The Depression, Anxiety and Stress Lab in UBC’s department of psychology is conducting research to identify which kids are most at risk, and why. They invite families to participate if they have ... Read More »


HINDUISM – A BIRD’S EYE VIEW  (Part-II) Dr. Suresh Kurl  The Indian history of speculative thought has its beginning in the Rig Veda, a treasure of cosmic mysteries: the daily drama of the sunrise, sunset, wind and rain, of light and darkness, of calm and storm. Then was not non-existent, nor existent: there was no realm of air, no sky ... Read More »


THE VEDAS Canada is becoming a complex inter-culturalal and multi-faith nation with time. Dr Suresh Kurl believes that time the has come that this changing demography be introduced to the history, culture, religion, spirituality and traditions of India, especially Canada wishes to advance mutual relations with the people of India. In a five-part series he introduces Hinduism to our readers.  Before the ... Read More »

More than just a Survivor – I’m a Thriver!

  By Kamal Dhillon  The horrors I wrote about in Black and Blue Sari took place when I was just eighteen, after my “grand wedding”. It was an occasion for which people from around the world flew to Vancouver.  Reflecting on those years of brutality, I realize that if I hadn’t broken the silence of this family’s secret, it would ... Read More »

Shreyas Talpade: Mastering crossover cinema

By Surbhi Gogia   We have known him as an actor, who can master any role with perfection. Be it playing a deaf serious boy focused on his goals or a naughty aimless youngster conning people around in Golmaal series — Shreyas Talpade, the versatile actor of Bollywood, has carved a niche with his acting brilliance. Recently he demonstrated his ... Read More »

Neetu Garcha: Journalist of tomorrow

We are living in an age where social media has become a powerful platform for anyone to reach out to masses. With just one click, you can go live, capture a powerful image or video of any crime scene, a mass shooting or any incident that concerns masses. It is an age where a professional journalist is no longer a ... Read More »

From freedom fighters to oppressors

  A part of Sikh culture has transformed from promoting social justice to a culture passion ate about violence and greed By Balraj S. Kahlon Battles fought by Sikh Gurus were not against any communalism and orthodoxy but they fought for the betterment of society, to protect people from tyranny and for the upliftment of their souls. Max Arthur Macauliffe ... Read More »

Shawna Narayan: Empowering the future

“How stressful is the university?” “Will I still have time to hang out with friends?” “What are the scholarship available for me? or “How can I prepare for my university interview?” —  if you are all set to enter a higher education institute and all these questions are running through your mind — then help is on the way. Shawna ... Read More »